Assertive Discipline

Assertive discipline enables you to adapt to new changes.  As you adapt, other opportunities will show up.  Once you identify and take advantage of these opportunities, you'll reach new potential  and begin to stand out from the crowd. 

So, take the risks and be the first one to take this opportunity and run with it.  You'll be ahead of the others that are much slower. 

Taking risks and accepting new challenges will be much easier as you move along.

Without the agility to learn and take advantage of new things, you'll just sit on the sidelines watching the world go by.  Stretch your mind and learn new things. 

Without continually building self-growth, you'll lose your motivation and start accepting the fact that you "can't" do something. 

You'll end up living in a negative world which deters from your personal happiness. 

Attitude is everything so you need to stop the negative self talk and the criticisms and start finding the good about a situation. 

When someone else does the complaining, stop them and offer alternatives rather than joining in on the "pity party."  Pose questions and make them think.  Perhaps together, you can come up with terrific solutions.

Assertive Discipline and Effective Goal Setting

Assertive Discipline

By asking questions and digging deeper into a topic, you can open up a whole new world of opportunities.  Learn as much as you can because attitude is everything. 

Use your assertiveness and do some effective goal setting to help you get outside of your comfort zone and learn as much as you can.  Try doing things differently or better.

By being flexible to learning new and bigger things, you will be able to reach new levels of success.  But, you need to be willing to take the time and possibly learn new skills. 

The more you use assertive discipline with yourself the more adept you will be at changing and the better your decision making capabilities will be.

If you are overwhelmed with too many choices, then narrow them down so you are only working with a few. 

You might have many great ideas, but you can't spread your efforts into them all and be successful.  Choose the most lucrative and work on that one first. 

Use Your Leadership Philosophy

As you free up time, you can begin to focus on the next goal.  While you're working on the first goal, a different opportunity could arise and change your direction. 

This is where assertive discipline comes into play.  So be open to take advantage of those things which could lead to success in a whole new area.

As you're working on your dreams, keep the outcome in the front of your mind.  Push the little things out of your mind and keep focusing on how things will change as you become successful. 

If you continue to put the smaller aspects ahead of the outcome, you'll get bogged down and begin to lack motivation.  Eventually, you'll start finding excuses not to work on it.

To help keep your motivation going on the new opportunities, become spontaneous.  If you follow the same monotonous patterns, you'll begin to feel that you're stuck in glue and can't move forward. 

Avoid bringing your old habits into your new opportunities.  They just weigh you down and prevent you from being successful.  When you get rid of the old habits, the more flexibility you will have to learn new things to make your dreams a success. 

Assertive discipline and attitude is everything.  So take advantage of these new opportunities and bring success to your dreams. 

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