Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is everything when approaching a situation that isn't turning out how it's supposed to.  To overcome the pitfalls, you need to work with what you have, use your decision making skills and find new ways to get the outcome you desire.

Back when I was younger, we were all gathered at the family farm for Thanksgiving.  There were around 25 people there for dinner that day. 

We were all having a good time enjoying each others company. 

The turkey and all the fixings were just about done.  It looked like it was going to be the perfect Thanksgiving dinner that year.

The designated chef cooking the bird, was just taking it out of the oven.  His hand slipped and....oops! He dropped the turkey on the floor! 

At the same time, a different person was walking by and the turkey landed near his foot.  Because his feet were still in motion, he kicked the turkey clear across the kitchen floor.

Decision Making Skills

Attitude is Everything

I never saw that many people move so fast.  Some quick decision making skills were used.  Instead of saying the dinner was ruined, someone picked up the turkey, rinsed it off somehow, plopped it back in the pan and returned it to the oven for a few minutes. 

They recouped and decided to serve it anyway. 

We could have had a dinner without turkey that year, but those cooking were agile enough to make some adjustments to save the meal.  They didn't limit themselves by doing nothing with the turkey. 

Those cooking recognized that the perfect turkey wasn't going to happen. But took on the challenge of finding a way to make it work.

Be Flexible

Being flexible is important when other opportunities present themselves.  Attitude is everything if you want to be successful and change things. 

If you need to improve in certain areas, use effective goal setting techniques and then take those goals and do something about it. 

Go in a different direction if you need to.  If you say the words "I can't" or "I don't have the time or money" then you end up limiting your chances of being successful.

By being flexible, you acknowledge the fact that something is working.  Find out what it is.  What is and isn't working?  What might be a better way of doing things?  Then change it. 

When you have the courage to change it and the  assertive discipline to work on it, you will then grow to new heights.

Attitude Is Everything Continued With Assertive Discipline

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