Business Goal Setting Ideas

Business goal setting is an important part of your business planning process when it comes to providing the customer with a positive experience.

Once your customer's experience with your product or service has become more meaningful to them, you need to determine how to improve on that. 

You can't just improve the experience of your customer one time.  To become a top company, you have to continually strive to make their experience perfect.

Don't just respond to their needs or wants.  Be creative and come up with something that the customer didn't even know they wanted. 

This is an important part of business goal setting that happens when you try to make things perfect rather than just doing the best you can.

Everyone in your company, from top management to the person sweeping the floors, needs to strive for perfection. 

When each person takes on the responsibility of their job, then the quality of your product or service will increase.

Top Business Goal Setting Ideas:

Pay Attention to the Details

Business Goal Setting

To go all out and reach your goals you will need to pay attention to the details.  Sometimes you think you can let it slide because no one will notice... 

The customer will notice.  When you work on the small things it shows that your employees are taking pride in their work and your competition starts to take notice of it.

For example, there is this craft store that recently expanded and offers many beautiful items to do just about any craft. 

The store is laid out nicely, the shelves are neat, the items are easy to see and it looks like a store that one would be proud to work at. 

The part they didn't pay attention to was the restrooms.  They weren't as clean as the store was.  They were cold and dirty with paper strewn about. 

This small matter could be enough for some people to shop at the competitor's store instead.  A small detail of sweeping, cleaning up, adding pictures to the restrooms can change how someone perceives the company.

Fix the Small Things

You also need to realize that if your product has a minor flaw, you can't ignore it and sweep it under the rug. 

If something small breaks as you're starting to build the product, it should be fixed.  Poor quality can affect the outcome of how successful your product or service is. 

If you do things right at the beginning, then larger problems will be avoided later on.  Having a poor product or service will turn away customers and their money which affects how successful you are. 

When business goal setting is done ahead of time, it ends up being less expensive in the long run and you provide a quality product or service the first time around.

An example of a small problem that could have been avoided is about a ski area and their chairlift.  Most ski areas were putting in high-speed quad chairlifts to the top. 

Because of their speed, these chairlifts are more prone to swing about when it's very windy. 

At this particular ski area, the wind tunnels across the very top of the mountain quite a bit, which makes that trail very icy.  The resort went ahead and built a high-speed quad chairlift to the top anyway. 

On nice days it brought many skiers to the summit.  On the windy days the chairlift had to be shut down because it was too dangerous, which was quite often.

To reach the trails just below the summit, the skiers had to use several other chairlifts which took longer.  Skiers were spending more time on chairlifts than skiing. 

Eventually, they started skiing elsewhere.  The mountain ended up changing the top of the main chairlift to end just below the small, windy area. 

If the resort paid attention to the details the first time, the added expense of putting the lift to the summit and then removing a portion of it could have been avoided. 

Be Aware of the Competition

Always be aware of what your competition is doing.  Are your competitors improving their product?  Are they treating their customers better?  How can you do things better than your competition?  Remember, competition is a good thing. 

You and your competitors will strive to be better than the other.  Use your business goal setting to continually think of ways to stay of ahead of the competition.  This alone can help motivate you. 

Show that same enthusiasm and motivation to your employees.  Enthusiasm is infectious.  If employees see how motivated and enthusiastic you are about improving your product or service to stay ahead of the competition, then it will do the same to them. 

Staying motivated to come up with better products and services, will only improve them in the long run.

Strive for Perfection

The best way you can run a business is to put your best foot forward.  Remember, customers will judge you based on your worst performance, whether it's a clean restroom or a chairlift that's usable. 

Quality products and services are important in your search for excellence.  Business goal setting leads everyone to strive for perfection and take the time and effort to bring success to your company.

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