Business Marketing Strategies

Business marketing strategies and effective goal setting
to help you move forward with your vision

Once you have discovered your passion and found a way to include it in your goals, you will want to bring it to market. 

That could mean a product or service or it could be an idea to redecorate your home.  Either way, you need to sell your idea to someone before moving to the next step.

You don't want to just jump in and buy the first thing that you think will help sell your product or service. 

When you do that, without researching what would work best for you, ends up costing you more than when you planned on spending.

Sometimes the latest marketing fad isn't right for you.  It may sound good and promising but it could we a waste of money.

A second approach where you try everything at once doesn't always work either.  Instead of focusing on on avenue of marketing, you try a little of this and a little of that.  You end up being all over the place.  Instead of careful planning, you end up hoping something is successful.

Rather than trying to do it all at once or going in the wrong direction, you need to carefully plan out your business marketing strategies.  To help you get started, I've made a list of what is important to get your product or service noticed.

Marketing isn't just selling. 

Business Marketing Strategies

It's determining what the buyer wants and being able to satisfy their needs and wants with your product or service.  You start with finding a need that hasn't been filled, determine how you will fill it and who will buy it. 

Take bandages for example.  The bandage satisfies a physical need by covering up the wound to help prevent infection.  It also fulfills the emotional need by making it easy and convenient to use. 

The next step would be how you plan on manufacturing it and then you would determine who you will sell it to.

Let everyone know how successful you are. 

By mentioning or displaying your successes, people will be more interested in purchasing from you.  This could include announcing a new employee you hired, new products or services you offer, any awards you have received and so on.

Planning your business marketing strategies will help you overcome challenges. 

You may know what they are ahead of time or they might appear out of nowhere.  If a problem arises be prepared and learn to get around them. 

Quick decision making skills will help move you closer to your goals.  If you're really stuck, then "sleep on it."  Think about the problem right before falling asleep.  Many times the solution will come to you when you awaken.

Make yourself and/or your product or service invaluable. 

If you or your product or service is just like everyone else's then you won't stand out from the crowd.  What you have to offer should be one of a kind. 

You can give guarantees, an experience rather than just a product or just build a relationship with your customers.  If you look around at the places you shop, you'll notice that you frequent the same stores. 

Make note of their business marketing strategies.  Did you notice that their marketing strategy planning focuses on the repeat customer?  It's a fact that 80% or your business will come from 20% of your customers.  Those 20% are the people that keep coming back. 

Most of your business will come from repeat customers.  So, make sure the line of communication is open between you and your customers.

Listen rather than talk. 

You've heard of the proverbial used car salesperson.  They try to convince you how great the car is without finding out what you want. 

You'll be more effective if you find out what the customer really wants.  Don't just hear them, show genuine interest and listen to what they're really saying. Once you know what they're needs are, you'll be able to sell them the benefits of owning your product or service.

Don't discount how valuable you are. 

When your prices are lower than a competitors, the customer might see what you have to offer as cheap.  Always price your product or service based on value to the customer. 

Develop beneficial relationships where you can help each other out. 

For example, you need computer help, and that person needs office space.  You can work it out so that you get the technical support you need and they get reasonably priced office space.  You both win in this situation.

Use business marketing strategies to learn the art of negotiation. 

Even if everything is considered set in stone, there's still room for negotiation.  If you think about it, you negotiate in many instances.  When buying a house or car, salary and benefits at a job or even deciding where to eat for dinner.

Set up a system to get your work done. 

This can be done with bookkeeping, selling or even doing the dishes.  Once you find the best way to complete a task, make it into a system.  Otherwise, it takes longer to complete the job.

Do the work. 

Sometimes you can plan and plan and plan.  Nothing happens if you don't get past the planning stage.  If it's not set up perfectly, that's okay.  You don't need all your p's and q's in order before doing the work.  They'll get organized as you go along.

Stay organized with a to do list. 

You can use them for every part of your life, not just for your business marketing strategies.  When I write a page, I have a list of steps to follow.  Each Christmas I have a list of people I send cards to. 

Writing things down helps you remember the many things that have to get done.  It's easy to follow and shortens the time to complete the tasks.

The above business marketing strategies are just an overview of building a thriving company.  It will get you started thinking about how effective goal setting can help you become successful.

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