Business Planning Process

Following a business planning process in starting and building your vision into a thriving company has probably in the back of your mind for awhile. 

Many people have great entrepreneur ideas and dream of bringing in the profits for themselves rather than the company they work for. 

You might have the desire to be your own boss where you can schedule your work hours.  Being able to take time off to do activities or go to kids games is usually at the top of the list. 

Or, you might have an interest in starting your own business because you lost your job. 

Whatever the reason is, there's a lot of business goal setting and work involved before you get started and you have to be willing to take the risk. 

It does help if you have the funds to get you started, but you can still build a successful business with very little capital.

How to go about the business planning process in building your vision into a thriving company:

Business Planning Process
  • Determine how you can develop your vision into an enterprising business venture.  Do the research to find out if it's viable.  It needs to have a strong base and have potential for growth.

  • Develop the business planning process.  This plan should include all aspects of your business as well as how your personal life will change. 

  • Effective goal setting is key.  Put your goals with dates you want to achieve them by in writing. 

  • Write down your plan of action to reach your goals.

  • Make a list of what beliefs you value most as well as your strengths that will help you move forward with this venture.

  • Make note of any obstacles you will come across and determine how you will overcome them.

  • Take action.  Begin the process of building your dream.

  • Develop a financial plan to keep tabs on your budget.  It's important to have separate accounts for business and personal money.  This business venture needs to be profitable.  Be diligent about where you're money is going.

  • Make a list of people that are important to building your business.  These include consultants, subcontractors and vendors.  You need to concentrate on your strengths to building your vision and get help from others to fill in the gaps.

  • Build a leadership development plan.  It's important to take on the attitude of the leader or owner of this business.  It is you that determines your plans, marketing, sales and so on.  You are the leader so act like one.

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to build your vision into a thriving business.  You need to really know and believe in your vision. 

Once you have total commitment to building your dream, then the sky's the limit.

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