Your Career Description

Finding the right career description for your talents can be a challenge when you're trying to move up the ladder within an organization or striking out on your own.  This is where career change advice and career development planning comes in. 

Are you happy at what you're doing right now or are you looking to make a career change?  You can start by looking at your current situation. 

Determine whether you want to continue doing what you're doing, but at a different level. 

Your organization might have a position that can use your talents in a different area.  If you want something entirely different, then you might want to change companies.

What if you're just starting off in the business world and you want to know the different levels to move up the ladder?  Do your homework and find out about the businesses and jobs available that could use your talents. 

The more research you have, the more you'll be able to sell yourself and take ownership of your career.

How to Change and Manage Your Career Description

Career Description

In the past, people left it up to the employers to determine the direction their career and job advancement would take.  That's not the case any longer. 

What you decide your career description will be and how you develop it is in your control now.  You no longer can leave it up to the employer.

To get started on career change advice, you should evaluate your current job. 

What do you and don't you like about it?  Do you have strengths that really shine in this job, do your weaknesses blare out or do you have a good mix of skills that are used? 

Look at what your interests, experience and skills are, find out your strengths and weaknesses and then do some research on the types of careers that utilize your skills or that you are willing to learn to move into that career. 

Career Change Advice

Another step would be to determine how much you really enjoy your job.  If you're bored, you might just need a new challenge at a different position or at a different organization. 

Are your talents being utilized in this position?  If not, then perhaps a completely new job would be best.

How do you get along with the people that your work with?  Are there disagreements? 

Are you comfortable with the company culture?  Do you like the environment and the people but not the work?  Have you started a family and now need a flexible job? 

This is where you need to spend time assessing what will be best for you. 

You can move to another position within the organization, find a new employer or even work out something to do part of your work from home.

The following articles and career change advice can help you determine the right career description for you.

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