Career Development Planning

Career development planning can help you take control of your dreams. You need to determine the direction you want to take your vision and business goal setting as well as how much sweat equity you are willing to put into it. 

When you start to take control of your career and life, you will be able to take advantage of any opportunities that come along the way.

In order to move forward, you need to get excited about your passion.  Decide what the benefits of pursuing your goals would be. 

Once you spot an opportunity you should determine the action needed in order to reap the rewards.

If you treat your vision like a hobby or something on the sidelines, then that's what it will be. 

When you believe that your dream can amount to something rewarding, then you will have the opportunity to make it succeed.

There are two ways career development planning can be used to take your passion and build your road to success. 

You can choose building a successful career in the corporate world or you can strike out on your own in the entrepreneurial world.

Career Development Planning In The Corporate World

Career Development Planning

When following your dream in the corporate world, it doesn't necessarily mean sitting behind a desk in an office building.  It can be working in a hospital, restaurant, retail store, school or any place you are hired and receive a regular paycheck and benefits. 

You also follow a system that's in place and work with other employees to reach a common goal.

If working for someone else is what you prefer, you can still reach your goal setting strategy and work your way to the top.  Career development planning is started by doing some research. 

Find the types of jobs or companies that match your vision.  As long as you are following the same path, many opportunities can appear to help you reach your goal sooner.

Business Career Training

Map out a plan of action to reach the level you want.  It might include business career training and educating yourself about each position needed to reach your goal.  Find out as much as you can about the type of people that hold those positions. 

One way to discover the steps these people took to move up the ladder is to be friendly and build a relationship with them.   You never want to undermine their actions because it could end your career.

As part of the career development planning process, your plan will be to move up the ladder in the corporate world. 

As you're advancing your career, you need to understand not just your job, but the next job you plan on moving into as well.  Find out if the next position is on target to help with your goal setting strategy.

While you're learning about each job needed to move up, also make it a point to learn about the business itself as a whole. 

Find out what challenges your supervisor is facing and come up with possible solutions to resolve any problems.

Goal Setting Strategy

Part of the career development planning process it the importance of making sure your business goal setting strategy is in line with the company's goals. 

To move forward in the corporate world, you need to put 100% effort into the position.  Also, make sure you work harder than everyone else because it will be noticed.

If the position calls for a different skill set, then learn what is needed.  Sometimes taking classes will be enough.  Other times you can only learn these skills through experience.

When it's time to learn new skills, then put the effort in.  Don't come up with excuses as to why you don't have the skills. Many people think they are not moving ahead because they they don't have certain abilities or skills. 

People everywhere progress to the next level because of their self-confidence in their capabilities.  They don't focus on their weaknesses.  Instead, they focus on their strengths. 

For example, one company promoted this woman from a clerk in customer service to a supervisor position.  She did some computer and telephone work, but spent more time dealing with customers. 

She was promoted because her strength of being upfront and direct with customers.  Her ability to listen to the needs of the customer brought in more business and therefore more profits for the company.  Her weaknesses didn't prevent her from moving ahead, it was her building up her strengths that did.

Career Development Planning Continued With Entrepreneur Ideas

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