Career Ideas and Your
Leadership Philosophy

Now that your career ideas and vision have led you towards achieving the true meaning of success for you, how do you follow it?  To start, you need to believe in it.  If you really don't have a little passion, then nothing will happen.

When you believe in your dreams, your mind will come up with ways to reach them.  Any obstacle you have will be easily overcome.

You need to learn how to trust and follow your instincts.  Sometimes things will run smoothly, other times you'll come across roadblocks that are overwhelming. 

Your leadership philosophy and intuition can help you get around many of these conflicts.

Many of these conflicts are with people that believe you can only be successful with a career that has facts to back it up. 

If everyone believed that, there wouldn't be a lot of innovative, new ideas.  By waiting for facts to back up your dreams, you might still be waiting while someone else took the idea and ran with it.

Personal Goal Setting

Career Ideas

Use personal goal setting concepts to help you move forward and envision your dreams and passions. 

You need to see yourself being successful in your mind over and over.  The more you think it will happen, the more your brain will believe it can happen, therefore putting the wheels in motion to make it happen. 

You are the only one that can see where you want to go. Don't worry if others can't see it.  Just focus on your dream and career ideas. 

To help you achieve your true meaning of success, you will need to envision how your life will change.  Add pictures or music to help you focus on your dream.  Always keep this dream in your mind as you move forward and make it a reality.

Sleep On It

Have you ever heard people say they'll "sleep on it?"  This is actually a good way to imagine your success and resolve any conflicts.  Just before going to sleep, picture yourself achieving your dream without thinking about it.  Upon waking, picture the dream again. 

If you have any questions or thoughts about it, write them down and look into them later.  If you do this each night, your vision of yourself being successful will be that much closer to reality.

Once you have your career ideas and dream in your mind, you need to create an environment where you can succeed. 

If you want to go into acting, then you need to be in an environment that promotes those strengths.  Go to acting workshops, audition for plays, get a voice coach.  This acting environment will help you move forward with your vision.

Meaning of Success

When you are successful in one area, use that success to push you through the next one.  The more you achieve true meaning of success in one area, the more you will achieve success in another.  Think about your successes and apply what did to other career ideas and dreams.

When you're trying to decide what to do, just go for it.  Don't spend a lengthy amount of time trying to make a decision.  Just come up with a decision quickly.  If it wasn't the right decision, then make changes. 

Many people spend a lot of time trying to make things perfect and nothing gets done.  Skip the perfectionism and just do it.  You can always make changes as you go.

Once you've reached one successful milestone, don't stop there.  Keep setting new goals and career ideas.  If you don't have a new goal or dream, the level of your success will stay where it is.

Commit To Your Career Ideas

Once you make a commitment to achieving the true meaning of success with your vision, you have no limits.  But your leadership philosophy and commitment to your dream is up to you. 

You might have obligations that you need to do. And these can hold you back.  Once you start committing to one thing, you'll begin to commit to others.  Before you know it, you're over committed.

This over commitment can be draining.  You do everything for everyone else and you're too exhausted to do anything for yourself.  Make a choice, now.  Cut back on your commitments or encourage others to take over some responsibilities. 

If you always help others live their dreams and reach their career ideas, you won't have time to reach yours.

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