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Use this center for creative leadership to share your leadership development plan, tips and techniques.  Through experience, we know that each situation requires a different leadership technique.

Whether you are leading a group of school children, a corporate team or family members, how you go about influencing each person depends on situational leadership.

If you look at a jazz band, they are divided up into sectionals.  There are trumpets, saxophones, percussion and so on.  Each sectional leader is responsible for bringing their section together to play well.

The conductor is responsible for bringing the whole band together to play well.  These people audition to see if they will fit in with the other band members.

Same with the Army.  There are squad leaders for small sections of a group and platoon leaders that bring all the squads together.  Instead of the Army being selective, they recruit people from all walks of life. 

Center for Creative Leadership

The recruits have different backgrounds.  Some could be from the streets and others could have led a privileged life.  These leaders need to know how to handle a variety of situations.

Other examples are teachers leading the school children in their lessons, the principal leading all the teachers, parents leading their children, managers running a department and so on.

Each of these situations require different leadership techniques, planning abilities and tips to lead the individuals.  How you conduct yourself and improve your good leadership skills comes with planning and experience.

With every experience, you learn to adapt to new situations.  You might be successful in some situations and not so successful in others. 

It's the situations where you weren't so successful at leadership that you learn from.  It's these failures that help you make new plans and turn you into a more successful leader.

What you have learned about your leadership development plan throughout your life experiences can be very beneficial to others.  Of course, there are many different leadership theories. 

Each leader brings different traits, characteristics, styles and skills to the picture.  There just isn't a one-size fits all leadership theory.  Each situation warrants its own style of leadership.

That's why I created this center for creative leadership page.  It's a way for you to share what leadership techniques have worked for you in different situations.  Many of my readers are looking for information to help them become a more successful leader. 

This is where you come in...

Your plans and experiences in the leadership field can be valuable to others that are just coming across a situation that might be similar to yours. 

Remember, this is your moment to shine.  Use the center for creative leadership to share your plans, knowledge and experience to help others develop their leadership skills.

Are you wondering what to write about in the Center for Creative Leadership?

Whether you were successful or not, what you have learned from your experiences can, no doubt, help someone else in their quest to become a better leader.

  • Do you have examples on leadership that can help others?

  • How have role models influenced your leadership skills?

  • Do you have any particular skill that you learned that could be passed on to others?

  • How do you use other people's talents and skills to effectively lead them?

  • What relevant message can you share to help people become better leaders?

  • Are there any experiences, tips and techniques that will be a valuable contribution to helping those looking to develop their leadership skills?

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