The Courage To Change

It takes the courage to change the things that are holding you back in your life.  Many of the changes are based on fears. 

There's the fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of success, fear of failure and even fear of the ridiculous.  This article focuses on the fear of making mistakes.

Is the fear of making mistakes holding you back?  As a child you are taught to do the best you can without making mistakes. 

If you take your time by changing habits and checking over your work carefully, you won't make mistakes.  If you did goof up, then you were reprimanded. 

Either you were careless, didn't listen to the directions or didn't spend enough time working things out.

With this type of feedback happening over and over, you end up being afraid to make a mistake. 

Your leadership philosophy was to strive for perfection in order to stop people from pointing out your mistakes and making you feel bad.

Courage to Change

As you get older, you find that not everyone is perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It's not possible to do everything perfectly. It just leads to failure. 

Without the courage to change, trying to be perfect also puts limitations on you. You reach a point where you are afraid to try something new because you might make a mistake.

Courage To Change

Making Mistakes leads to some of the best learning opportunities.  But we tend to protect those that are learning from making mistakes.  Thomas Edison made mistakes before he came up with the light bulb. 

The 3M company also made mistakes that turned out to be some of the best inventions. 

For instance, the sticky note.  The scientist was trying to come up with a super strong adhesive.  Instead, he came up with a weaker one that would stick but could be removed.  This mistake led to the success of the sticky note.

Basically, in order to be successful, you need to make mistakes and learn from them.  The mistakes could have been funny or they could have happened several years ago.  They might have been embarrassing or bad mistakes, but you can laugh at them now and realize they weren't that bad after all.

Remember, nobody is perfect.  When you try changing habits and making everything perfect, it just leads to you being frustrated and frazzled. 

Throughout your whole life, you will make mistakes.  If your leadership philosophy is to do things perfectly and not make mistakes, then you will miss out on some great opportunities.  Some of the best inventions and career opportunities came from mistakes.

Your Leadership Philosophy

You need to ditch perfectionism and overcome the fear of making mistakes.  This will help you get more involved in your dreams.  Fear of making mistakes just gets in the way.  It can stop you from following your passions. 

You might have a fear of success where people will be surprised and won't see you as the same person any longer.  You might have a fear of failure where your mind tells you if you try this it will fail. 

What about the fear of looking ridiculous where people will talk about you?  This list goes on and on.  Once you overcome the fear and have the courage to change in one part of your life, it will be easier to overcome it in other parts.

In order to go out and conquer your fear of making mistakes, you need to commit to living your life following your dreams. 

Use some goal setting tips to set you on the right path.  It could lead to uncertain and unpredictable opportunities but the courage to change can also be very rewarding in the end.

The Courage To Change Continued With Changing Habits

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