What is the Definition of Leadership?

The definition of leadership has a different meaning to different people.  It all depends on their situation, organization they're in and how they like to lead.

If you look up the meaning of leadership in the Internet, you come up with a variety of different answers. 

Most definitions are based on the organizational needs at the time. 

One company can have their own meaning of leadership that's completely different from another place.

Recently, I watched a program that discussed how different companies became successful. 

Good leadership skills is what brought each company to the level it is at today. Each organization had a different approach to leadership styles. 

One company believed that everyone in the organization should have fun and the leader should be part of the fun.  Another felt it was important to share the successes with all the employees.  Still another company felt that working hard was the ticket to success.

As you can see, each of these companies defined leadership differently.  The one thing they did have in common was planning and influence.

Definition of Leadership

The person leading each organization had their own definition of leadership but it all came down to how their plans and behavior influenced the employees to work so that they could reach a common goal.

There isn't a common definition that applies to all leaders.  Instead, you have the right leader for each different situation. 

But, do you have the right leader?  There are so many leadership traits that constitute a good leader.  Not every leader has every attribute.  It would be impossible to find. 

Instead there are good leaders that possess the leadership characteristics necessary for the situation.  It's not the leadership traits that you possess that makes you successful.  It's what you do with the traits that really matter.

Leadership Quotes

Below I have included a perspective of how other people define leadership.   I have included several different leadership quotes on the definition of leadership.  For more quotes, check out the leadership quotes and quotes on leadership pages.

"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they
set for themselves."

- Ray Kroc

"An effective leader is defined by results not whether they make
great speeches or is liked."

- Peter Drucker

 "The process of influencing others to perform a task by providing
purpose, diretion and motivation."

- The Army

"Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.

- John Maxwell

"Leadership is someone who gives hope."

- Tom Peters

 "A true leader is someone who inspires others to become more
of who they truly are.  They bring out the talent in people and
have them put it to use over and over.  They inspire others to be
more than they ever dreamed of."

- Anthony Robbins

"A leader is someone that people follow."

- Warren Buffett

  "Good leaders make people feel that they're at the very  heart
of things, not the periphery."

- Warren Bennis

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