Effective Business Communication

Now, it's time to focus on effective business communication to find out the needs or wants of your customer.  Your customer is the reason you're in business in the first place. 

You've spent all this time researching and developing your product or service and now it's time to bring it to market. 

Your goal is to provide the best product or service that enriches your customer's experience.

In order for a someone to buy your product or service, it needs to provide the basics. 

What are the basics?  A refrigerator for instance, will keep food cold and has a freezer compartment. 

The basics for a ski mountain are snow on the trails and a lift to the top.  A car works and gets you to where you're going. 

These are the minimum requirements that a product or service must have.

Effective Business Communication

Customer Wants

Most customers want more than the basics.  They're looking for the product or service to provide performance.  They expect more than the basics, because any product or service will provide the basics. 

You need to have effective business communication that shows your product or service stands above the competitors. 

When your customer is looking to buy the new refrigerator, it must have drawers and shelves inside.  It also needs to be in a color that matches their other appliances.

The ski mountain needs to have groomed trails and shorter lift lines.  The car needs to be large enough to hold passengers, have air conditioning and heat.

The importance of communication to your customer is how the product or service gives them excitement.  Your customer wants to be proud of their new refrigerator. 

French doors, an LCD touch screen monitor for downloading photos and writing a grocery list.  That sounds pretty exciting and something to brag about.

The ski mountain can offer you a way to earn points towards a free lift ticket, provide live music in the lounge, have a service to help carry your gear from the car to the lodge, or even a free child watch service while you park your car.  Your customer is happy and will want to return over and over again.

The car can have 4-wheel drive, the best sound system, a smooth ride, a third row seat, heated seats and a tow package.  When you add all the bells and whistles, it gets a customer pretty excited to buy the car.

Effective Business Communication

Once you've gone beyond the basics, you need to focus on the customer.  Your company might have fancy products or services, but you might not use effective business communication to show how your customer will benefit from purchasing it. 

Your company could be concerned with selling the product and whether you will make a profit or not.  You might set up your sales campaigns on why your customer should buy your product or use your service.  Instead, you should ask your customer what you can do for them to make their experience more enjoyable with your product or service.

To be successful you should focus on the customer, not the bottom line.  The importance of communication will help you find out what makes the customer happy.

You want to give your customer what they want, so they will return for more.  Both your customers and employees will spread the word about your great products and services.  With effective business communication, it will lead you to making more than enough money and your business will grow. 

Family Wants

Focusing on the needs and wants of your customer can be carried over to your personal life as well.  You can use effective business communication techniques for your family.  For instance, your goal might be to spend summers on a lake.

The basic needs are a house or cottage on the shore of a lake.  That's a good start, but you usually want more than that. 

You'll want the basics to cover your needs or to work so that you can enjoy your summer.  This will include plumbing, electricity and furniture.  It also will be good if the lake is usable for swimming, boating and other water activities.

Your family unit, just like your customer, needs excitement.  How can you make this whole summer living experience exciting? 

You can start by finding out what your family wants or needs in the summer.  Perhaps a raft to jump off, fishing poles, a canoe or kayak, small sailboat, motorboat for cruising around and waterskiing, a television for rainy days and so on.

By having your whole family involved in determining what is needed for your summer home, it shows how the importance of communication encourages each member of your family to put more effort into making it be a successful venture. 

When you find out what types of activities everyone wants and you learn to compromise so your whole family benefits, is what keeps your family together in a good relationship.

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