Effective Goal Setting Tips

Why would you want effective goal setting to be part of you life?  Because it will help you stay focused and achieve what you want in life.

Most of the time you don't ever get around to achieving your goals in life. 

Other things get in the way or you might have set the goal too high and there's no way you could ever achieve it any time soon.

Many times you don't try working on the goal because you feel like you will fail at it.

Know that you deserve to reach success. You need to believe in yourself.  Believe that you have the abilities to achieve your goals.

So, how can you ever get started on your goals so that you can reach them?  Reward yourself!

It doesn't have to be a big reward.  A pat on the back will do.  When you routinely reward yourself for accomplishing all your goals, even the smallest ones, then your passion and dreams will seem easier to reach.

Effective Goal Setting

Do you want more reasons to reward yourself?  Then go out and celebrate before you reach your goal.  Just receiving the opportunity to take part in something is worth the celebration. 

If you're one of the finalists selected in a speech competition, that's an accomplishment that merits a reward.

What type of accomplishments can you reward yourself with as part of your effective goal setting?  Write your goals down and write your rewards for reaching them.  They can be as simple as buying an ice cream cone for writing your business plan or taking a little extra time for lunch.

Effective Goal Setting

irst you need to determine what goals you want to reach.  A lot of the time, you don't really know what you want.  If you ask some kids going off to college what they want to do, many of their answers are "I don't know yet."  They end up getting a liberal arts degree, because they never figured out what they really wanted to do.

Because you inherently would like to be successful, you need to have a focused agenda.  That includes having goals in each part of your life.  You don't have to start with too many at once, but having a few that you can work on will help you achieve success sooner than if you don't have any goals.

To get started you will want to look at all areas of your personal and business life.  Ask yourself questions of where you want to be and when you want to get there.  These include your family life, lifestyle choices, health and excerise plans and any other area that's important to you.  You can find more help here with a personal development plan and effective goal setting to reach your potential.

When you have your goals for each area, you will want to put them in an order of priority so that you work on certain tasks first.  It might be better for you to work on the goals that you can achieve the quickest first.  It will boost your self confidence and get your momentum going to get the rest done.

Another method of achieving success is to pick four goals at a time and only work with those four.  Give yourself a time limit of 12 weeks to accomplish them.  By working on those four day in and day out, you should make progress on them.  This probably will work for mid level goals rather than short term or long term goals.

Next to each goal you also need to write down your plan of action.  How will you reach it?  Do you need to take a class?  Look information up on the Internet? Ask someone for help?  Make sure you put all possible steps down and then work on a little at a time.

Make sure you put a timeline for each goal.  Let's say you want to lose 10 pounds as a goal.  When do you want to lose it by?  Is there a specific occasion you want to look your best by?  If you don't put the expected date to reach the goal, then you will probably need to lose that 10 pounds year after year, because you never accomplished it.

There are always obstacles that come up and sidetrack you when you're working on your goals.  You just have to figure out how to get around it or if this goal isn't important anymore. For instance, you might get invited to a social gathering where there's food.  You don't want to seem rude and not anything because its not part of your diet.  In this case, you can make a few dishes to share that have the food you can eat.

The important thing in effective goal setting is to stay focused on your goal.  This can be so hard for some.  You could be at work and someone walks by with a cake and you can't resist.  It's hard, especially when you're hungry.  To keep you on track, you need to make sure you look at your goals and how important they are to you.  You can also write down ways to help you overcome those obstacles.  Perhaps you have a full glass of water and an apple before you can have any cake.  Usually the water and apple will fill you up enough to make you want to skip eating the cake.

Other ways to help you stay focused is to repeat to yourself on a daily basis that you can achieve this goal and that you will be successful.  Picture yourself reaching that goal.  How will your life be different?  If your goal is to own a sports car, then imagine yourself driving the car and all the attention you'll get.

Effective goal setting does help you accomplish what you set yourself out to do in life.  You'll be more sure of yourself, have a positive outlook on life and genuinely happier.  Its worth spending the time to set and achieve goals so that you can have the success you deserve.

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