Fitness Motivation And Good
Leadership Traits

How does fitness motivation fit in with leadership development?  Its actually an important step to keep you at the top of your game.  

When you spend all of your time trying to improve your leadership skills or learning how to develop your potential, you tend to forget about your body.

That's why leadership traits and characteristics are not the only aspects of good leadership skills. 

Being good to your body contributes to how good of a leader you really can be.

The benefits of physical fitness will help you feel better, think better and make major contributions when you exercise and maintain a healthy body. 

Keeping physically fit isn't the only factor either.  You still need to eat a well balanced diet and get plenty of sleep.

Fitness Motivation

It's important to start and maintain an exercise motivation program.  Twenty to thirty minutes a day would be ideal, but sometimes ten minutes will do. 

Switching off strength training and aerobics to every other day will give you an overall balanced exercise program.  The aerobics can be going for a walk.  Swimming, bicycling and running are also very good.

Strength training doesn't require a gym either.  Small hand weights or an exercise band will accomplish the same goal.  In addition, you can try some yoga for an overall sense of well being.

Build up your fitness motivation level based on where you are in life.  If you're young, you can do a lot more.  The benefits of physical fitness play an important part in your life as you get older. 

As you age, your muscle mass changes and the exercises that are beneficial for you change as well.  To help you at any level, you can try out the Wii Fit exercise game to help with maintaining your fitness level.

Relax with deep breathing exercises.  Take breaks and practice breathing to calm yourself.  When a stressful situation arises, these breathing exercises can help keep you calm. 

The deep breathing recently helped my daughter.  She needed to have blood drawn and she hates needles.  In anticipation of the needle, she started panicking.  We calmly talked her into breathing deeply, which made her relax and prevented her from fainting.

Eat a well-balanced diet.  It doesn't mean you have to stay away from the cookies.  Just don't go overboard on eating the sweets.  When you include fruits, vegetables, good sources of fiber and healthy fats, you can add a little dessert to balance it off. 

Your diet motivation can be enhanced by finding ways to making your desserts healthier than what you're used to.  You can use whole wheat flour, egg whites and other ingredients to make the food tasty and good for you. 

Remember to keep sugar at a minimum.  Sugar might give you the energy initially, but after that is used up, your body feels drained and even more tired.

Rather than eating three meals a day, spread it out with five or six small meals.  This doesn't mean you have to eat a meat, starch and vegetable five or six times a day. 

Instead of the full meal at dinner time, just have the main course and a vegetable.  Use the whole grain starch as a snack a couple of hours before or after the meal.  If you eat small amounts every three hours or so, you won't get super hungry and binge on something just to fill yourself up.

Make sure you include vitamins in your daily regimen.  Even if you think  you're eating well, you might be additional vitamins for some of the foods you don't normally eat. 

If you feel like your fitness motivation needs some oomph, look for the healthy ways to provide it rather than taking a pill.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to feel better is far superior than taking drugs or alcohol.  Having a glass of wine here and there is fine.  Just don't overindulge.  You'll only feel worse afterwards.

Limit your caffeine intake.  If you're willing, eliminate it all together.  Substitute decaffeinated beverages instead.  A good cup of decaf, green tea can do wonders for your soul.

Take time to relax with a weekly or bi-weekly massage.  You can find students at massage therapy schools looking for clients to practice on at a discounted rate.  Other relaxing choices are to sit by a warm fire reading a book or drinking some tea.  Taking a bath or a long shower also helps.

Get the recommended  hours of sleep.  It's usually between seven and eight hours a night.  Sometimes it's not possible, but setting up a sleep schedule will help regulate your body.  Your fitness motivation will go up and you'll feel more energized with a full night's sleep.

Keeping your fitness motivation up contributes to improving your leadership traits overall.  If you don't have a healthy body and mind then how can you build a good leadership development plan for your passion or dreams?

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