Goal Setting Articles

These goal setting articles have been compiled to help you with your personal and business planning process.  

You can use these articles as part of your personal development plan to aid you in making your dreams become a reality.

The goal setting process doesn't take as much time as actually completing the task and reaching your goal. 

Of course, you still need to come up with a list of goals that you want to achieve as well as how important they are to you.

If you list success as the most important goal, you also must decide if there are other factors that could change how you view it.  For example, say you were offered a higher paying job in another state.  That would mean moving you and/or your family away from what you know. 

If this is an important factor, then the new job prospect may not look as good as it originally did.  You have to decide how important the other factors are that could affect your decision.

Goal Setting Articles

Setting goals and how important they are can take a lot of time.  It's easy to make a list and prioritize each goal.  It's the outcome of how these goals affect you and your beliefs that takes a lot of time.

You really do need to spend time thinking about what you truly want.

Reading the goal setting articles below can help you learn more about what's important to you and to go about aiming in the right direction that includes your values.

Once you prioritize your list and you start achieving your top goals, then it's time to set new ones.  If you were striving to lose 40 pounds and you did, that goal can now be replaced with something else.

After reaching that goal, you'll notice that your other goals may have to be changed as well.  With the weight loss, you may look at life a bit differently and now want to spend more time letting others know how you did it.


As you can see, your goals and what is important to your beliefs have changed.  The direction you're heading in can do a 180 turnaround or they could change slightly.

Below is an example of someone that had a definite goal in life.  He worked hard, came across obstacles and learned that other things can be important too.

This man had a goal of starting his own restaurant.  He's had this dream since he was a boy. 

Over time, he has worked hard and saved just about every penny to put towards the restaurant.  At the same time, he has neglected his social life. 

When he was ready, he made an offer on a building to house his restaurant.  But, someone else came in with a higher bid.  Instead of deterring him, he was determined to work harder to come up with the extra money to outbid the other person. 

As he put his new, hard working plan into place, there were new obstacles that came up, seemingly, overnight.  These included friends and relatives visiting and demanding his attention.  This man was dragged into a whirlwind of activity which took him away from his goal. 

He experienced new ways of thinking, like helping others in their time of need.  He found that he needed to think on the spot and come up with solutions for his friend.

This diversion taught him a lot of new skills and created new values.  He was successful in helping his friend out, but when it was time to come back to reality, he wasn't so sure that owning a restaurant was at the top of his goal list any longer. 

Yes, he still wanted the restaurant, but he found that love and friendship was what he wanted more.

These obstacles changed this man's direction a bit.  He now incorporated the love and friendship together with his goal of owning the restaurant to reach his dream.  With a little help from his friends and family he was able to follow through with his goal.

Use these goal setting articles to help you with your goal setting process to reach your dreams.

Goal Setting Articles

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