A Goal Setting Strategy To Build Your Dreams

As I was selecting the best goal setting strategy to write about, I came across an article that really hit home. 

This article was about two different people that wanted help from their life coach to achieve their dreams through a personal development plan. 

Jane wanted to have a baby because she said it would make her the happiest person alive and Monica wanted to start a business to pay off her bills.

As a good life coach, this person worked with both of them to achieve their dreams.  Both Jane and Monica didn't realize that reaching their dreams, there would be some definite drawbacks. 

Jane's baby cried all the time and she was frazzled by it.  Monica had to work so many long hours that she didn't have time for herself.

Even though both of them reached their goals, they weren't happy with the outcome.  That is because they focused on achieving the situation rather than the experience. 

If Jane had a goal setting strategy that focused on having a baby to take care of, loving it in times of hurt and in joy without the expectations of only happiness, she would have been more fulfilled.

The same thing for Monica.  If her goal setting strategy focused her goals on the process and experiences of owning a business, she would have been better prepared and more content with the outcome of reaching her goal.


Goal Setting Strategy

When you have a goal setting strategy, you need to think about what experiences you want from them as well.  Sometimes you already have those feelings that you're seeking without even realizing it.

Let's look at this from another angle as well.  Instead of starting from scratch trying to reach some goal, look at how you can work with what you already.  See how you can change those situational goals into experiential goals.

For instance, a goal setting strategy that will help build your rapport with people, can also lead to your success.  It's a fact of life that people want to be accepted by others.  You will do what you can to have others look favorably upon you.  

This is a common scenario in most any situation whether its at work, school or with friends.  You do what you can to look your best to help you move up the social or job ladder.  But you don't want to spend too much time pleasing others, because it takes away from your individuality. 

Tending to your needs and your company's or even your peers' needs is a balancing act.  The important thing to remember, is to believe in yourself. 

When trying to move up the ladder of success, you need to gather information on your situation.  Think of what you want to experience when you're at the next level. 

Lets say you see your promotion as a better social standing and feeling that you have truly become a part of the company.  Make sure you also realize the amount of work that goes with it. 

You may have to find alternatives to reach the experiences you want when you have reached that next level.  Even though you've moved to management and are higher paid, you still need to find time for the experiences you want to go with it. 

You can do what's right for you and your company.  When you do the right thing, both you and your company can succeed.

How can you get started on setting up your true goals in life?

First, you need to pick a goal that you really want.  It can be any goal.  It doesn't even have to be related to what you're doing now.  Once you picked it, its time to imagine yourself once you've achieved that goal.

This is where you want to live your dream in your mind.  Imagine everything around you, the smells, how you will feel, how you picture others seeing you, the background and anything else related to it. 

Perhaps its a desire for a quiet life drinking margaritas or a busy life making movies.  No matter what it is, spend the time fantasizing about it.

The next step is to write down how you feel when you're in that dream world.  Do you feel invigorated, relaxed, happy, confident?  You need to come up with a list of words that can describe your goal.  This can be difficult to come up with the exact words you're looking for, but its important to fet your goal setting strategy started.

Now you must come back to reality and see how your descriptive words relate to your goal.  Lets say your goal is to live on the beach.  You describe it as relaxing, carefree and strenthening.  Instead of living on the beach, you might just want to have a vacation home to use when you need to rejuvenate yourself.

Sometimes your goal and the descriptive words aren't in sync.  You might describe your goal as exciting, popular and wealthy.  They could go with the beach house if you have a lot of money, but for most people the beach house will be relaxing without everyone coming by.  You will need to spend a lot of money on maintenance as well.  So, it could end up being a drain on your wallet rather than what you hoped for.

So, make sure your dreams and the how you describe your life once you've reached them match.  That way you'll get more satisfication from your experiences rather than from the actual goal itself.

Goal Setting Strategy To Work Smarter

  • When you've come up with your goals, then you need to use a goal setting strategy to learn how to work smarter, not harder and build up to reach your dreams.  This is where you need to spend the time learning the subject areas that will help you succeed. 
  • Take this time to spend at least 30 minutes a day on learning anything you need to know to so that you can apply that knowledge to your goals.  If learning a new skill will help you reach your goal, then start using it in your life now. Otherwise, if you don't use it, then you will end up forgetting it and go back to the same old habits you had before.
  • In the process of reaching your goals, you may come across many challenges along the way.  Sometimes these challenges won't seem to have any answers.  This is when you need to take a break.  Do something completely different for a few hours or even a day.  You can exercise, go to a movie or work on some other project for awhile.  After getting your mind off of your challenges for a bit, you will come back with a fresh perspective and yuo will be able to think of possible solutions to those challenges.

Goal Setting Strategy To Build Your Dreams

There are different ways to find solutions or to just come up with a new perspective on your vision.  You might be working very hard and after awhile things seem to be pretty monotonous as you get further into the process of your goal setting strategy. 

You could be working so hard and feel that your dreams and passions are all wrapped up in this project.  But  you can't seem to get any further.  It feels like you hit a brick wall.  Everything begins to look the same. 

This is where you begin to have self doubts about the project so you begin to feel overwhelmed and can no longer work on it.  But, in the back of your mind you know this is your vision of a successful future.  And you know you can make it successful, but you're at a crossroads.

So, how can you make yourself continue to work on things when you can't seem to come up with anything new?

Here are several goal setting strategies to change your way of thinking and expand your knowledge at the same time.


Changing habits.  One goal setting strategy is to change the way you've been thinking and do some of the tasks differently.  If you're always working at your desk, move to a conference room, try sitting by the pool, or work at a library.  I found this works very well for me.  I get bored working in my office so I start changing around where I work.  In the winter I will move to be near the warm cozy fire.  In the summer, I will spend time on the deck enjoying the breeze while I work.  At other times, I go work at the library.

Look for new ways to get your work done.  Find familiar strategies you use in other tasks and use those techniques to help complete work in other areas.  Perhaps making a list helps when you do food shopping.  Why not make that list when you're trying to accomplish your goals?

Alter the way you do everyday tasks.  You can work on something in a different order, dress up to do the food shopping or strike up conversations with people in line.  These are just small changes that will give you a whole new perspective on things.

Remove any barriers to your success.  If you've been working on a project that takes up a lot of time and energy and it's getting nowhere, then take a second look at whether you should continue with it.  Or, move your location so that you can focus more of your mental energy on it.  Your barriers could be your children always interrupting you, that's when you might need to find an outside work place to work on your goal.

If there are major obstacles preventing you from working towards achieving your goals, then you need to use a goal setting strategy to find out what they are and if you can get around them.  If these obstacles are things you can't get around, then you might want to look at dropping this project and moving on.

Think like your competitor.  Put yourself in their shoes and see what their strategies might be.  When you look at all angles of a situation, you'll be better prepared to overcome any issues, leading to a successful outcome.

Keep everything straightforward and simple.  When you offer too many options, then you can't make decisions.  An example would be limiting choices of clothing to wear for a preschooler.  Too many choices and they can't decide.  By offering two options, they can make the choice.   

If something is too complicated, then make it straightforward.  Others will understand you and can focus on the issue at hand.  For instance, learning how to multiply.  It's broken down to learning single digit multiplication, then it moves on from there.  If you learned four digit multiplication first, you would get lost and never learn the process.

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