Handling Stress With Excuses

Are you handling stress by making up excuses for not doing something?

What are your excuses for not succeeding?

You might have an excuse or a commitment phobia as to why you haven't started a business or lost weight. 

You might have found an excuse as to why you haven't started eating healthy, painted the house, gone to college, trained for a marathon and so on.

Your excuses are always changing.  They change with the economy or the starting of a family. 

No matter where you are in your stage of life, there's always an excuse as to why you haven't done something.

You've all heard many excuses such as I can't lose weight because my kids want the junk food in the house, or I didn't pass the test because the teacher had surprise questions or my company didn't succeed because my sales person didn't do their job.

Handling Stress

Many of your excuses are putting the blame on someone else rather than yourself.  When you blame someone else, you put the perceived control on them. 

When you don't have control over your actions, then you come up with excuses as to why you couldn't succeed.

Handling Stress

But, isn't this how you grew up?  Most of your life you hear your parents come up with excuses, so you start saying them as well.  Their decision making skills didn't always end positively, so they made excuses.  After all, it was their way of handling stress and it's a natural thing to do.

When I was a kid, I remember my mother saying "we'll start going to church when we settle down."  We finally stayed put in one place when I was ten years old, but we still never went to church. 

I'm sure there were more excuses after that, but I didn't care.  After all, I was a kid that wanted to do fun things on Sundays rather than go to church.

There are so many factors that contribute to your excuses that they seem plausible.  I know I have plenty of my own.  I have excuses for not starting a fitness program, for not weeding out the junk that has collected over the years, for not learning to play piano and the list goes on.

One excuse that comes to mind recently was signing up for a triathlon.  I didn't think handling the stress of trying to fit it into my schedule would work so I said it would be easier when my kids were older and they didn't need to be driven to all their activities. 

In reality, it's just an excuse.  I still have to drive the kids everywhere, but there was no spark when I thought about training for a triathlon.  Many of these excuses are just a cover up for something you really don't want to do.

Also, the other half of the coin is that you use the excuses as your safety net to explain why you weren't successful in your latest endeavor. 

For some reason it makes your lack of motivation seem plausible.  It's your way of handling stress so you can go on with your life as it is, without feeling guilty.

In reality, your lack of success due to your excuses is your responsibility.  You can't blame the people who did the job before, the environment, your family, your finances and so on. 

If you want to be successful, you need to start breaking bad habits and stop making the excuses and start taking action.

There's a billion dollar industry out there that takes advantage of all the excuses.  All of the how to books and infomercials that try to help you overcome your excuses and handling stress. 

These include the how to diet, exercise, build your finances, become successful, teach your children manners, make money, prepare for college, eat healthy and on and on.

Share Your Excuse Story

This page was created so that you could share your excuses with others and what the results were.  Did you triumph over them or did you still put it off for a rainy day?  If you finally did stop the excuses, what worked for you and how might that help others?

Sometimes your excuses get in the way.  Other people don't point it out to you.  You subconsciously hold yourself back as your way of handling stress with the excuses. 

It could take years before you realize it and for the most part you're on your own to find out what you can do to overcome these excuses.  This can lead to not fulfilling your potential and many lost opportunities.

When you were younger, you may not have been taught how to take charge of your life.  Your families never did it, so you fall into the same rut and just live day to day doing what you know. 

Luckily, you can move forward and better yourself.  You start by spending the time researching and learning how to become motivated and finding out what works for you.

You might be the person that can learn from others' experiences or you might be the person that likes to read up on the subject.  Either way, why not take your moment of glory and write your own web page about your excuses?

What lessons have you learned?  How have your excuses helped or hindered you as you live your day to day life?  How can your experiences help others?

Think about how you can help others or even laugh at your past follies.  Don't use some excuse as to why you can't share your story.  And you don't have to be embarrassed.  You can remain anonymous.

So, go ahead.  Share your story and help others at the same time.

Share Your Excuses For Not Reaching Your Goals!

It's common practice to come up with excuses as to why you can't do something. What are your excuses of not reaching your goal and how did you overcome them? To Submit your story, excuses and tips to avoid them, complete the form below.

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