Building Happy Relationships

Are you looking to build happy relationships all around you?  Creating these positive bonds are necessary to be successful in everything you do. 

What you build should be based on trust.  You'll go a long way by appreciating people for who they are. 

Some good advice on relationships is to pay attention to them and create a long lasting bond that benefits both of you.

Sometimes it seems like you try really hard to keep a relationship together that you forget the reason why you need it.

Perhaps the bond you built up was based on a work project or a place of employment.  When the project was complete or you moved on to another company, that relationship was no longer needed.

There are still those associations that you want to keep.  They could be from past or present employment, old and new school friends or family members.

Happy Relationships

One of the major factors that applies to all relationship building is to be happy with yourself first

When you love yourself and you're happy with who you are and what you do, then you will be able to build happy relationships with others.

Relationship Building Techniques

There are several relationship building techniques to improving your relationship communication:

Show your sincere interest in them.  Be thoughtful and unselfish by doing things for the other person.

Be upbeat and smile often.  The expression on your face will determine whether people want to spend time with you.  If you smile, it says "you're nice" and "I like you."  Even when you're on the phone, people can tell by your voice whether you're smiling or not. 

If you had a sad day, you still want to force yourself to smile.  Singing or smiling will be uplifting and will make you happier.  When you have happy relationships, people will want to be around you.

More expert relationship advice is to use a person's name in conversation.  It makes them feel important.  Many people don't remember names because they feel they are too busy and can't take the time to remember everyone's names.  Those that want to succeed in life will take the time to remember a person's name.  It shows you're interested in them.

If you didn't hear the name, just ask them and associate it with the person in your mind.

A person's name is like magic.  If they hear it, it belongs to them and it sets them apart.  That person will feel important.

Be a good listener.  If they have an issue, encourage them to talk about it.  The other person will consider you a good conversationalist even if you hardly say a word.  When you ask questions, make sure its something the other person is interested in answering.

Most people are more interested in talking about themselves and their accomplishments rather than you.

Ask about the other person's interests or families.  If you really want to become close to another person, find out what they like to do and talk about it.  This will make you a greater person.

Always make the other person feel important.  If you want to feel important, then always make the other person feel important.  Show people courtesy with phrases such as "would you please?" and "thank you."  If you talk to people about themselves, they will feel appreciated.  When its time to ask them a favor, they will go all out to help you in every way.

By following the above relationship building techniques, you will inevitably build happy relationships whether it is at home, the office, on a sports team or just in your everyday life.

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