Importance of Communication
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Steps You Can Do

The importance of communication factors into how you increase motivation.  Lets say you received a suggestion from an employee on improving the aesthetics in a ski lodge and you liked what she suggested.

This suggestion could have many possibilities but you can't do everything. 

When you do implement it, make sure you work on the aspects that you can do to help the overall look of the lodge. 

Some ideas can be way beyond your means, so it's probably better to start small. 

If one of the choices is to expand the lodge and it will cost more money than you have, you might want to wait to tackle that project. 

If it involves something feasible like moving chairs and tables, adding carpet, hiring a band or anything that you have the funds for, then try it.

Once you decide on the improvements you will introduce, you will need to minimize it to a few steps. 

If it becomes too long and complicated, you might end up abandoning it altogether.  To get the ball rolling you will need to assign someone to take over the task. 

Importance of Communication

Limited Resources

If you're limited on resources, you can always ask for volunteers to take over the project and let them determine who does what and when.  Many people are willing to put time in without pay if they will benefit in the long run.

It's important for you to realize that having a quality product or service doesn't happen with good intentions or patting employees on the back and telling them they're doing a good job. 

You need to use communication in the workplace and ask them what they think is working and what isn't.  Then give the employees the training, tools and the incentive to make what is working a success.

Importance of Communication at Home

How does the importance of communication work on a personal level?  To keep customers coming back to your business, you need to always come up with new ideas for your products or services. 

To keep your friends or family members interested in doing activities with you that will benefit everyone, you need to come up with new things to do or new ways to go about doing it.  People get bored with doing the same thing over and over again.

Let's say you're at your house on the lake.  You've been going there for years, doing the same activities year after year.  You might think it's going well, but your kids aren't interested in spending the whole summer there anymore.  They want new things to do.  Things that will entice them to still do things with the family.

Start by asking your family members what activities they want to include in their summer plans.  Maybe it's to upgrade the boat or bring different friends over throughout the summer. 

Maybe one of them wants to join a summer softball league or take a vacation somewhere else for a change.  Use the same questions that you would with an employee.  And remember the importance of communication is to not ask "why?" instead ask "why not?"

Again, work with the aspects of the changes that are within your means.  Maybe going on a cross-country tour for several weeks is what everyone wants.  You just have to figure out a way to do it. 

Perhaps someone might suggest renting out your summer home while you're on your trip.  The income from that might just fund your other activities.

Be open minded, work together and let everyone take on the responsibility of making these changes. 

In the end, these new ideas and changes benefit everyone. The importance of communication in the home environment is just as important as communication in the workplace.

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