In Search of Excellence for
Leadership Development

Are you in search of excellence for your business or your personal life?

Everyone strives for excellence is some part of their lives.  It might be preparing the best meal for your family. 

It could be writing the best English paper at school or trying to become the most valuable player for a team.  It could also be bringing an idea to completion at work.

Excellence is a passion.  It's a passion to help others.  It's a passion to help yourself.  It's not a task that needs to be done. 

In search of excellence is an important concept to understand.  Until you do understand it, you will not change the way you think or do things in your business or personal life.

To achieve excellence, it starts with helping others become their best at what they do.  They could be your customers, employees, students, teammates, children or friends.  You will want to help them as much as you can on a daily basis.

In Search of Excellence

What do I mean by that?  First, ask the question, "How do I treat my employees, spouse, children...?"  Most people respond with how they are fair, nice and feel that as long as they get their work done or do what needs to be done in a reasonable time, then everything is good.

That sounds good to most companies or individuals.  But, do you really use active listening skills with your employees or family members?  Do they seem happy or are they disgruntled?  Are they willing to go the extra mile to help out your customer, the team or the family?  Do they want to help the company or team succeed or are they there for a paycheck or the glory?

Ask Questions

There are a ton of questions you can ask about different situations.  To be successful, you really should spend the extra time finding out the answers.

One way to get started is to see how successful your business, team or even family situation is.  Your business might be making a profit and is meeting the needs of the customers.  Your team could be winning some games and losing others.  Your family can be doing things to benefit the individual but not the home life for everyone.

If you look at things from a business perspective, you'll see that most companies are in the business of making a profit.  That's what they do.  You need to make a living somehow. 

In search of excellence from a sports point of view is where teams work together to play a game.  They go to practices and play scheduled games.  That's the reasoning behind playing. 

In search of excellence in a family situation is where they pitch in to help keep the house in order or to do things together.  You need to put some effort in to make the household run adequately.

After looking at your situation, you need to ask if there is room for growth.  Are you finding that you are moving along at a steady pace within your business?  Or, is your team just playing without enthusiasm?  Does your family act like robots where kids come home, do homework, you cook dinner, clean up, everyone goes to bed to wake up the next day and do it all over again? 

You might be thinking that everything is fine the way it is, there are no curveballs thrown at you.  You move along at a steady pace, pay the bills, practice game moves, mow the lawn and do what's necessary to live your everyday life.

Did you ever think that there's always the potential for more?  You can build a larger more successful business, find different ways to be a better team or to work differently as a family to have an exciting life.

In Search of Excellence - How Do You Get Started?

One way you can help push yourself to the next level is to try brainstorming with your closest advisor - your spouse, a best friend, coworker, etc.  He or she just might have some great ideas to help get you started.

Each person's situation is different.  Your close advisor might be able to give you suggestions or lighten your load.  With their help you can spend more time working on the issues that will help you be a better person.  When you do this, you will create a better company, team or family life. 

In search of excellence for your personal and business life is based on passion.  Your passion to help others and yourself.  If you set your mind to it, then you can achieve excellence.

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