Leadership Games to Reach Your Own Goal

Leadership games are a way to plan how to teach people good leadership skills that will help them in their personal lives and careers. 

You might be born with leadership qualities or you might have learned them throughout your life from different leadership activities.

Many of these activities can help you plan and develop good leadership skills when you need to learn them completely. 

If you need to refine your leadership qualities, these activities can build upon the skills you already possess.

When you are planning and leading a group to reach a goal, there are many skills that are required besides leadership. 

Some of the other good leadership skills that can be learned or refined from leadership games are:  communication, cooperation, teamwork, listening, trust, risk-taking, decision-making, planning and problem solving.

To help build your skills beyond the games and activities, you can check out The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

What Leadership Games Will Do

Leadership Games
  • Leadership games will teach you to find your type of behavior and how to overcome any negative aspects and how to enhance the positive.

  • Leadership games build confidence in you when you take part in the different activities.  You will learn how to handle different groups of people as well as learn to lead others to do things for themselves.

  • In addition, leadership games will teach you how to work with others as a team.  These skills will help you work in any environment and build up the group as a whole so you can all move forward.

List of Leadership Games

These leadership activities can be used for people of all ages.  They can help you succeed in school, your career and in life. 

I have listed a few games to get started.  Many of the activities can be changed to meet different circumstances.

Pass the Hoop

For this game, everyone stands in a large circle.  A hula hoop is placed on one person's arm and then everyone hold hands.

The objective of this game is to pass the hoop all the way around without letting go of hands.

---Leadership skill development learned are teamwork, problem solving and communication.

Pull Up

For this activity, pair people up in twos.  Each pair sits on the floor with the soles of their feet together and holding hands.  Both players need to stand up at the same time.

---Leadership skill development learned are teamwork, problem solving, cooperation and trust.

Blindfold Search

For this leadership activity, you separate into two groups.  Half leave the room and are given blindfolds.  The other half stay in.  When ready, the blindfolded person comes back into the room. 

The object of the game is for the person in the room to lead the blindfolded person around the room to identify two items in the room.  Both people can only communicate using touch, not a word is to be spoken between them.

Afterwards, ask each group how they felt.  The blindfolded group usually feels insecure at first, then becomes more confident in the leader's ability to lead and follows them without question.

The leader sometimes takes the blind person forcefully, not realizing they need to be cautious so they don't trip.  After a few minutes, they become aware of the blind person's need and gives them more direction to get to where they want them to go.

---Leadership skill development learned are trust, problem solving, communication and teamwork.

Tallest Tower Built

Each team has four people.  They must build the tallest tower using paper, glue, scissors and paper clips.  Two team members have the left hand of one and the right hand of the other tied together.  The other team members are blindfolded.  Those that aren't blindfolded, each have one hand free to cut paper, etc. They also must give directions to the blindfolded players to build the tallest tower.

---Leadership skill development learned are team building, communication, working with limitations and cooperation.

Survival Game

Separate into groups.  Each group must choose five items per group they would take to survive on a deserted island or on top of a mountain.  Each team must work together and agree. 

This activity shows what each person's priority is and whether they would give in or not budge on their decision.

---Leadership skill development learned are problem solving, working with limitations, planning, risk-taking, decision-making, communication and cooperation.

Paper Cup Race

This is one of the leadership games that takes a bit of thinking.  You will need at least two groups of people.  Each group needs two trays and ten paper cups filled with water. 

Put five cups at each end of the room with about 20 feet or less between them.   All cups need to be gathered and put on a tray in the center of the room.  They can only get one cup on each trip to an end of the room.  They must get a cup from one end and then go to the other end to get another cup. 

Repeat this until all the paper cups are on the tray. The participants can only use one hand and one leg to gather the paper cups. They must retrieve the cups without spilling any water. If water is spilled, the team must start over.

Most people will hop around, but the team with the best leadership skills will stand in a line and pass the tray back and forth.

---Leadership skill development learned are problem solving, planning, decision-making, cooperation, communication and teamwork.

Animal Game

First hide about 15 candies around the room.  Put people into groups with 5-6 people.  Each group chooses an animal with a distinctive sound such as a cow, chicken or dog.  Each team must choose a leader and blindfold them. 

The object of the game is for each team to find the candy and lead the blindfolded leader to the candy by using animal sounds.  The team with the most candy wins.

---Leadership skill development learned are listening, communication, cooperation, team building and trust.

The above is a start to different types of leadership games that will help in organizations, schools and groups of people.  There are many more creative leadership skill development games and each group can come up with innovative activities to meet their own needs. 

Whatever type of activity you choose, leadership games help develop and refine the skills needed to be a successful leader.

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