Leadership Philosophy

Your view of leadership philosophy are your beliefs of what a little passion in your life can do to make your dreams come true. 

When you're trying to live out your vision or passion, it can sometimes be difficult. Especially when the economy is in a downturn. 

It still can be done.  You just need to have a little planning and persistence.

Do you remember when you were younger and you had all these dreams of traveling into space, or being a movie star or traveling around the world? 

As you got older, your parents and friends convinced you along the way that those dreams couldn't become a reality.  That they were way beyond your reach.

All of those people believed that those dreams were impossible for you to achieve them.  These people would tell you the field was too competitive or that you were just setting yourself up for failure. That's because they were probably told that by their parents as well. 

Leadership Philosophy

When you're little, you hear things like "you can do it," when you're learning to walk swing or ride a bike.  When you become the teenager trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, you begin to hear "you can't do that."  It might refer to playing loud music late at night, cooking a messy meal or wearing casual clothes to a wedding.

Instead of concentrating on what you can do, the main focus was on what you can't do.  After you hear all the negatives, you begin to believe that it isn't something you can do. 

So, you start looking at other ideas.  If these other ideas are beyond the scope of people's imagination, you'll begin to hear the same thing "you can't do that."  It's beginning to sound like a broken record. 

After awhile you begin to conform to what others expect of you and you, yourself begin to put limitations up as a safety net.

You can move past that wall of limitations you built around yourself and follow your dreams.  All you need is some planning and a little passion to help lead you in a direction that you really want to go.

At times your vision will not take the course you planned.  Other things come up and detour your life plans. You can meet the love of your life and start a family.  If your plans change, use your own leadership philosophy and follow the new detour. 

A new career idea could take shape that you enjoy more.  Your imagination, experience, planning and the true meaning of success will lead you down the right path.

A prime example of this is Bernie Marcus, the founder of The Home Depot.  His dream was to become a doctor.  His family didn't have the money to put him through medical school, so he decided to become a pharmacist.  Bernie worked hard building up the pharmacy and creating a discount chain. 

He then moved on to retail at "Two Guys" which was a "Walmart" type of store.  From there he worked at a small home improvement store.  At some point along the way, Marcus was fired from this job as well as another employee named Arthur Blank.  The two of them partnered together and started The Home Depot.

As you can see, life can throw new detours your way that take you off track.  You just adjust your plans, possibly create new visions of your leadership philosophy and move forward to reach your dreams.

Your Vision

Most people have dreams of where they would like to be in life.  Some are just vague dreams and others are strong visions. 

If you really have a strong vision of where you want to go in life, then you need to make plans and change to make it happen.  Just talking about it and doing the same things every day, will not bring you any closer to your dreams of the future.

But, what if your vision of your goals is really strong, but you have too many other obligations to concentrate on it?  At times like this you might feel that you have too much to do and no time to pursue your vision.

Perhaps you're expecting too much at once and feel overwhelmed.  To get past that obstacle, try taking small steps in the direction you want to go. 

Let's say your leadership philosophy is a vision where you plan on opening a school system for the children in Africa.  Instead of focusing on the end goal, look at the steps you need to take to get there.

You can start by doing research and planning.  Some of the steps you can take are raising the funds to get started and finding teachers that are willing to spend time in Africa teaching the children. 

Another step is building the schools and gathering the books and other teaching materials needed for the classrooms.  The big picture doesn't look so overwhelming when you break it down into smaller steps.

Your Leadership Philosophy

Every time you make a decision about career ideas and the direction of your life, see if it matches what your vision of the future is for yourself.  Sometimes your leadership philosophy will find you doing something that isn't what you expected. 

So, be open to other opportunities that come by.  It could lead to a little passion that is even greater than the one you had before.

Even though you're not guaranteed success, you should give your best effort towards achieving your visions.  Putting the planning and hard work into it now, will help determine how successful you'll be. 

It might be scary at first, but eventually, you'll achieve the true meaning of success.  If you only think about it and don't put planning time into it, then your dream will be just that.  A dream.

How do you go about finding what your leadership philosophy and vision is?  To start with, you need time to relax and for quiet reflection. 

Turn the computer, TV and all other electronic devices off.  Go for a walk, sit by the fire, sit in the warm sunshine...anything that will bring out your imagination.  Take control and remove the outside stimulus that's constantly in the background.

How To Take Control


  • Do you think you're relaxing watching 'American Idol' or 'CSI?'  It takes your mind off of what you're thinking.  With all this stimulus around, it's difficult to think and imagine what opportunities are out there.  You can't just get rid of the TV altogether, but you can remove yourself and find another way to relax, such as going for a swim, sitting in the yard, going for a walk in the park.

  • Sometimes it's not outside stimulus that's preventing you from pursuing your dream.  It's everything that needs to get done in your environment.  You might need to get rid of clothes that the kids outgrew, do your taxes, get a project done at work or write a paper.  If you feel you need to get other things done, then spend 15 minutes a day working on them.  But also give yourself a dedicated period of planning time to work on your career ideas and vision of the future.

  • Give more time to yourself.  Stop watching a TV show that you no longer enjoy and replace it with an inspiring activity such as yoga.  If you're doing some extra things you no longer enjoy, then stop doing them.  For instance, volunteering at a library.  If it's beginning to feel like a chore, then eliminate it.  You get to choose how you spend your time.  If you have a friendship that's draining on you, then stop it or at least cut back.  Don't let any guilt keep you doing what you really don't want to do.

  • Procrastination is another thing that prevents you from working on your vision.  Everyone puts things off.  Sometimes its for the better, because your idea doesn't work.  Other times, it just keeps you from pursuing your dreams.  Just set the planning time aside and do what needs to be done.


Just remember that your leadership philosophy should include a little passion to live your dreams.  Following your vision will lead towards achieving the true meaning of success.

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