A Little Passion Goes A Long Way

A little passion for what you do is getting a lot of attention these days and for good reason.  Over the years, you've been living day to day doing what you like that may or may not bring in the money to live a comfortable life. 

But nowadays you might be starting to look at things differently.  The economy went down, you might have lost your job and in many cases, you may need to find a new career.

Instead of just looking in the want ads, you're now trying to find new ways to make a living doing what you love. 

You could be going back to school, looking at other industries or even looking online for an e-commerce opportunity.  You've decided its time to take control of your life and you want to make your mark on the world.

This is the point where passion and dreams come in.  Everyone has a little passion for something.  You might have a career you absolutely love, you could be passionate about a cause or just have a hobby that you really enjoy.  You can either do something about your passion or you ignore it. 

For example, my husband has a passion for music.  He doesn't have a career in it, but he likes to play in local bands.  This gives him the opportunity to practice and live what he enjoys doing. 

Little Passion

Even though he's not pursuing a career in music, his passion for it still plays an important part in his life.  The balance between his career and music is just enough to satisfy him.

Many times you fear pursuing your dreams because it can put you in an uncomfortable situation, so you avoid it.  Instead, you do something that you're not all that excited about. You live your day to day life hoping that someday you will do something you love.

That's why you need to spend the time now finding out what you are passionate about.  It doesn't have to be something big.  It could be something that is only a samll part of your life, but makes you feel good about yourself.  Once you find your passion, you'll be more satisfied with your life.

What if you say "I'm not passionate about my job or hobbies."  If you don't really care for what you do, then it feels like a chore to get it done.  You end up dreading going to work or doing the activities that you're not thrilled about. 

If there is something that you feel you want to do with your life, you will probably put more time and energy into it.  Your overall self-confidence will be lifted and you'll have a sense of purpose.

A Little Passion Leads To Success

How can a little passion lead you to success?  There isn't just one way to become successful, If you're really driven to achieve something, you usually are very passionate about what you're pursuing. 

For example, you could be someone that has created a system to help people succeed in their businesses.  You might have a strong desire to be successful, but you really are passionate about helping others to become successful.

That passion and desire to help others, is what drives you to focus all your time and energy on this one thing.  When you focus everything on helping others, your success not only fuels your confidence and brings you happiness, but the money ends up taking care of itself as well.

What if you have a chance to make a lot of money doing something else?  It seems like that would be the best course of action to take.  Is this something you should really do?  You do need the money. You might not be passionate about it, but it still provides the security and benefits you need.  Does it bring you happiness?  Do you feel like your fulfilling your purpose in life?  If its not what you really want to do, it could hold you back from doing what you do want to do..

Now, I'm not saying don't take the job, if its something that is absolutely necessary.  You just might want to think about what your goals are and how you can work a little passion into them.  If you continue with your desire to live life doing what you love, then you will be rewarded in such a way that's important to you.

Little Passion Turns Into Large Passions

Once you find what you're passionate about, you need a success mindset to find ways to make it happen.  Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

  • Once an opportunity is found, you need to make a commitment and go for it.  If you sit and wait, nothing will happen.

  • It's up to you to determine if your dream should be followed up on.  It's your time and energy that you'll be putting into it.  Remember, believing in a little passion is better than not believing in anything at all.

  • Live your own dreams, not someone else's.  Other people may tell you what you should or should not do.  Ignore them and live the way you want to live.  If you make a mistake, that's okay because it was your decision.

  • If what you're passionate about doesn't work out, its okay to stop and move in a different direction.  When I first started writing, I thought computers would be the best subject material.  After a few months, I realized I didn't have a passion for it and it just wasn't the right choice.  I learned from it and now I'm moving into other subject areas.

  • Be positive.  Some things may not turn out as you expected. You need to find what did work and move on from there.  Learn from your mistakes.  Negative thoughts won't get you anywhere, they will just put uncertainty into your thoughts and then you'll become stagnant.

  • Make sure people who are important to you are on board with your dream.  Some people can hold you back or there could be a conflict of interest.  You might have to come to some sort of compromise to reach your goals.  In some cases you might have to decide whether the relationship or the dream is more important.

  • Write down the goals you want to accomplish.  If you just think about a goal, you haven't committed yourself to it.  For effective goal setting, written goals are more likely to be accomplished than thoughts in your head.

  • Make the time for you to pursue your dream.  If you don't set aside time, then its not going to happen.  Even if its just one hour a week to start.

  • Keep working on your dream.  Not everything about pursuing this passion will be fun.  You can try different ideas to change things around a bit.

It might be difficult to get started at first, but once you do, you'll find ways to develop a little passion into something fulfilling.  Don't put your dreams on hold while you're helping with other people's dreams.  Whether your passion is financial or emotional, the time to do this is now.

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