Motivation and Goal Setting Program

Motivation and goal setting can go a long way for both you and your career.  It can be tough to get motivated at times. 

You might feel you can't seem to get anything done.  You would rather sit around watching TV or you might even pace because you don't know what to do next.  Sometimes you might feel that you have no purpose in life.

If all of that sounds familiar with your personal life, it has probably crossed over to your professional life as well. 

Many leaders and employees can feel that way.  It could be set off by a rainy day or your desk is piled high with work and you don't know where to begin.

Part of the reason why you or your employees feel this way is because you haven't written down any goals for yourselves. 

It's important to determine what you want your future to look like, what you want to achieve and the areas that you need to focus on.

You, as a leader, can help your employees set and achieve goals.  When you work with them and help give them a positive outlook, they tend to be more motivated to do their best. 

Motivation and Goal Setting

When your employees do their best, your product or service will improve in quality.  When the employees want the best product or service for the customers, it shows.  More customers will be knocking on your door because they perceive that your company cares about both its customers and employees. 

You can build a top notch company by catering to the customers first.  If they want something with good craftsmanship and detailed service or something quick and inexpensive, then you must base your goods on what the customer will buy.  Remember, it's the customer that determines the quality of your product or service.

So, how do you go about building motivation and goal setting for your employees? 

It starts with a success mindset and strong leadership.  Good leadership skills are when you listen to your employees and your customers and set a plan of action to build from there. 

You need to set up a goal setting program for each area of your business and the company as a whole.

When you set goals, it will help you determine where to focus your time.  Set defined goals for your employees as well.  When you do this, your employees will know what is required of them. 

When their goals are aligned with the company's goals, they will begin to work together for the overall success of the company.

Once an employee sees they can achieve their goals, then their confidence level goes up and they feel they can do more towards helping both themselves and the company.

Leadership and Motivation

In many cases, leaders tend to decide what employees should do rather than listening to them and figuring out what their real needs are.  These supervisors give the employees orders and expect the people to follow them. 

The work might get done, but many times the employee grumbles while doing it.  Their motivation goes down and so does the productivity.

You can turn that around.  One motivating factor that works is to ask employees about their job and how they like their workspace.  Learn their names, acknowledge them, ask questions.  Even if it's "how is your day going?"  See them as people.  Do this for all employees, from the managers to file clerks. 

Its important for you to see that everyone's job is important.  Your employees might have good suggestions on ways to make things easier or better. 

The more you listen to them and see them as people, the more their motivation and goal setting plans increase.  The more motivated the employee is, the more they will work with you towards achieving success. 

Motivation and Goal Setting for the Family

Motivation and goal setting for your family will work as well.  You can follow the same process by listening to your family members.  Find out what's important to them. Perhaps having some down time after school is what they want or they want to help plan out the meals. 

If your children have goals they want to achieve, then teach them about effective goal setting.  Maybe they have a goal of reading a series of books over the summer or they want to be a top skier for their team.

When your family sets goals and they reach them, it can boost their confidence.  And, if you help them along the way, you'll see that there's nothing more satisfying than helping a child reach their goal. 

When you set up a goal setting program, then you need to involve the whole family in your motivation and goal setting strategies.  When the whole family is part of the decision making process, they will feel their input is important.  This inspires them to work harder, they'll all be happier and more willing to help out. 

As an example, you can be planning a vacation.  Instead of making the decision on where you're going, talk with everyone and see the different places they are interested in visiting. 

Maybe your ski vacation plans don't excite your spouse.  What if she prefers to visit a tropical island and perhaps the kids want to try sailing or go to an all inclusive resort? 

Rather than telling your family "we're going on a vacation to Florida.." listen to what they have to say and perhaps they might have good reasons why a trip to the Grand Canyon might be better or they might agree to Florida, but to go someplace different, such as the Keys instead of Orlando.

You will also want to make them as part of the planning process.  Once you've decided on where to take a vacation, you should ask each person to come up with information about the trip.  One can look up activities to do,  places to stop along the way, whether the hotel has a pool and wifi, how they will save money for the trip and so on.

By getting everyone involved you will have a fun vacation and feel closer as a family.

Motivation and Goal Setting for Customer Service

Motivation and goal setting in the workplace does take time.  You may have to start off slowly until it builds momentum. Once you get started, you will need to focus on the process of how you're improving your work rather than the end result. 

If you spend all your time on the end result, you will miss the steps to reach it and ultimately the end will be a flop. By focusing on the quality of your product or service, will result in a better product and overall better company. You'll want to remember, that its your customer that determines whether your company is good or not. 

When you own a successful small business, you listen to the customer and give them what they want, not what they think they want.  If you want to stay in business with your product or service, you need to take care of your customers first by giving them what they want.

Another important motivation factor for building your business is to remember to treat your employees right.  When your employees feel they are an important part of the business, they will try to make the customer happy.  With this type of motivation and goal setting, the end result, such as profits, will take care of itself. 

When you focus on the bottom line, such as making a profit, then you can lose the loyalty of the employee as well as the customer.  By focusing on the end result, any profits you have will begin to disappear after awhile. 

You might build a small profit and feel things are going great.  After a short while, the excitement of your products wear off and profits will drop. Your customers will see that you're only concerned about the money and not them.  And, they will eventually stop buying from you. 

So, you need to start by spending the time with a motivation and goal setting plan for your employees as well as treating your customers right.  Remember, your best customer is someone that wants to buy your product or service because you care about them.

Needs of the Family

Motivation and goal setting can work in different situations at home as well.  Let's say you want your son to get an "A" on his test.  You make him do the work and quiz him constantly. 

By focusing on the "A" you neglect to see his needs.  He might be tired so he puts very little effort into studying.  He might be angry that he has all this work and now you're making him do more when he'd rather watch TV.  This could turn into a battle where nothing gets done and he ends up getting a low grade.  This is a battle that many parents fight.

Instead of arguing over getting him to do the work, you need to encourage your son to take responsibility for getting the good grade.  Motivation and goal setting in this situation can benefit both your son and you.  One suggestion is to not force him to study after school, but give him the opportunity to determine when he wants to study. 

Your son might want the time after school to play games or have a snack.  If he sets his own plan, he will be more refreshed, feel better and more willing to put the effort into studying.  He might even ask you to quiz him on the material.  When the child is happy, the work gets done and the end result is positive for everyone involved.

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