Motivation Articles

The following motivation articles are to help inspire you on your road to success.  You might have your goals written down but because of the lack of motivation it's hard to get started on them.  This is common for many people.

There always seems to be a reason why you can't get started.  The taxes need to be done, the house needs to be painted, the lawn needs to be mowed, too much has to be done at work. 

I know I have come up with reasons, or should I say excuses, as to why I couldn't get started. 

Things like stacking wood, helping kids with homework, my chair isn't comfortable, too many distractions.  I was determined to overcome them with self help motivation. 

Finding ways to motivate your employees or family members can be challenging.  Some people think taking something away will motivate the person. 

It might work for some, but in the long run it tends to increase dissonance where the person just won't care anymore. 

Motivational Articles

Instead of motivating someone through negative criticism, try motivating them with a positive attitude. 

Remember, it's the people or the family members that are important.  Without them, you wouldn't have anything.  When you listen to them and give them what they need, they are more likely to be motivated to get what needs to be done.

Another option to becoming motivated is to focus on yourself.  This includes your health, eating habits, reducing stress, changing habits, having a positive attitude and trying out new things.

The following motivation articles can really help you move towards achieving your goals.  Many of them are interrelated to other articles throughout this web site. 

With a combination of the different articles and activities, I was able to move forward with my motivation and goal setting and begin on the road to achieving success.

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