Improving Motivation in the Workplace

Improving motivation in the workplace or at home is something we all face at some time or another.  A lack of teamwork activity, teamwork training and good leadership skills can be contributing factors to motivating people.

What's the most important aspect of your business, team, class or family?  It's the people.  Your employees, team members, classmates, spouse, and children. 

These people are the most important part of your life or your business.  So, you need to take care of them.

If you think about it, business is all about people.  Those that work with you and those that buy your product or service. 

Family life is also all about people.  Your kids and your spouse. 

If you take care of these people whether they are customers, employees or family members, they will take care of you.

Family Motivation

Motivation in the Workplace

In a family situation, if you spend quality time with your kids or spouse, they are more receptive to helping the family out as a whole. 

If you always give orders to clean up, do chores, get homework done and there's no fun time left, your family will start to ignore your requests and stop contributing to make the household run smoothly.

When you start devoting the time and offering incentives, the family will strive harder to help the household because they know they will all benefit in the long run.

Motivation in the Workplace

In the matter of business, when you're working in it, your ultimate goal is to be profitable so that you can make a living.  So, it makes sense to focus on the profits to become more successful. 

But, instead of asking how you can bring your profits up, ask what you can do for the people to increase motivation in the workplace that work for you and buy from you.

When you spend time focusing on these people, your bottom line will go up.  The people will feel appreciated and start working well in teams and will give their best effort to make sure the product or service is great. 

Once you have good team motivation, a good product or service and you treat people right then your profits will go up.

Motivation on a Ski Mountain

Let's take a local ski mountain as an example.  The manager has spent the money putting in the latest equipment to be competitive in the industry.  The snowmaking is state-of-the-art, the lifts are updated, a terrain park has been added, race courses are set up for ski teams, tubing is available, freestyle jumping with an airbag has been added, a zip line for both summer and winter use has been installed.  There's cross-country skiing, learn-to-ski, sleigh rides and so on.

They have just about everything available for the public to enjoy.  The employees may say its a great place to work.  They are treated fairly and get paid for the hours they work.

But, the mountain gets the same amount of customers that it always did.  All the added amenities didn't increase the amount of visitors to the resort.  So, they have to raise the ticket prices to help pay for everything.

The People

Is this mountain any different than the others?  Probably not.  Most of them run their business based on making a profit, rather than focusing on the people and trying to improve motivation in the workplace.

If they would spend more time listening to their employees, giving them incentives for motivation in the workplace, they could make themselves a better mountain and more people would want to ski there, not because its a good mountain to ski at, but because of the experience they have while there.

Years ago, before any of the upgrades, many people would spend the day at this mountain. They'd buy lunch, drinks at the bar, clothing at the shop and so on.  Now, most visitors bring their own lunch, don't go into the bar (there's one that's more fun down the road) and buy ski clothing elsewhere.

Teamwork Activity

Why not ask the employees what they would suggest?  One food worker suggested lowering the price of the food.  Ten dollars should be able to buy a burger, fries and a drink.  Instead, ten dollars buys the fries.  Perhaps they can entice the people to buy hot chocolate by lowering the price.

Other employees mentioned having an employee discount.  What about encouraging clubs to spend a day on the slopes.  The mountain can provide the food or the club can provide it.  Set up a package deal with different prices.  Have employee days once a month.  This could include a free burger, fries and drink as well as a pass for a friend for that day only.

Employee Incentives

Another great incentive to increasing motivation in the workplace is to have an employee of the week listed on the web site.  Show the visitors how great this mountain is. 

Let the employees decide what would make their job more fun.  Not every suggestion can be put in place, but the more they cater to the employee, the more the employee will tell everyone that this is a wonderful mountain.

Some employees had suggestions on the visitors earning points.  After a certain number of times skiing, the visitor gets to ski for free.  Or, have a half off day during the week. 

Another choice could be buy two passes and get the third for half off.  Have good discounts available on season passes.  Offer a really steep discount one week where the people have to check the website and buy it in person to get the discount. 

One employee suggested having a fire going in all the fireplaces with enough room to put chairs around it so people can warm up by the fire.  Put indoor/outdoor carpet in the lodges.  Have a DJ or band every weekend to draw in more customers to the bar area.

Focus Groups

To get more suggestions, the mountain can have a group of skiers as a focus group to discuss what would bring them back to the mountain over and over again.  This group should include visitors from far away as well as people that live nearby and ski regularly.

These are just some suggestions that could be a start in the right direction.  Make the workplace somewhere that people love to work.  When you focus on the people and motivation in the workplace, then the profits will go up.

Employees need to see how valuable their jobs are to everyone they work with.  Make it clear to them how important their job is.  Tell them that you value their opinions.  Make the employees responsible and encourage them to contribute.

To improve motivation in the workplace, you can make any job fun and fulfilling by showing the employees how they are contributing.  Take care of your employees first.  If you don't take care of them, how can you expect them to take care of customers?

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