Motivation Techniques
To Build Inner Strength

Do the motivation techniques that were used in the past still apply today?  Some say they do and some say they don't. 

Whether it was in the past or the present, the importance of goal setting still plays a major part in building your dreams and making them a reality.

So, what makes you become motivated in order to build your inner strength?  Part of it is having the self-discipline to achieve your goals. 

You need to have a success mindset in whatever you choose to do.  Without believing in yourself, your motivation can really drop off.

There will still be times when you can't get yourself motivated, no matter what.  Sometimes it might be a good idea to just take the day off.  But, you can't always do that. 

If you're in a situation where you need to meet a deadline and you've lost your motivation, then you might want to try a short break, eat some mind food (bananas are good for that,) exercise, meditate with self affirmations where you keep telling yourself that you can do it or just listening to "pick me up" music.

Work Motivation and the Success Mindset

Motivation Techniques

Making the commitment to reach a goal is the hard part.  You can picture in your mind all the steps you will take to reach your goals.  But, once you get ready to start, your self-discipline and work motivation flies out the window.

Or, you might get started with a project and it seems to be taking forever because you have so many obstacles to overcome.  After awhile, you wonder if you want to continue working on your dream because it is taking so long. 

This is where the self-discipline and basic goal setting strategies come in.  You need to take the time to set your goals so that you can continue on towards your success.

Do you remember when you were young, how you planned on going out and conquering the world?  You could see yourself making millions and there was no need to start at the bottom of the ladder.  After a few years, reality sets in and you become discouraged because your plans didn't take root.

How is it that people in the same type of situation as you have achieved success, yet you haven't?  What makes them different?  Is it education, money, luck, different family circumstances?  Not really. 

What these people have are motivation techniques where they have the patience and ability to continue working towards a goal.  They have the will power and perseverance to keep working on their dream.  With self-discipline they are able to achieve their dreams.

So, what motivation techniques do you follow to help you build up self-discipline to keep ahead of all the challenges to your success?

The best way to get started is to stop doing things that waste your time.  If they aren't useful or they aren't good for you, then eliminate them from your life.  Instead, start doing other things that will change your routine. 

The change gets your brain working and you begin to see new opportunities.  Just one small change at a time will add much to your well being.  When you begin building and changing your routine one step at a time, your inner strength will become stronger.  At a time when you need will power or motivation to go forward, your self-discipline will be there working for you.

Motivation Techniques and Goal Setting

To get started building up your self-discipline, try doing things different than the norm.  Here are some some examples:

  • If you watch the news every morning, go for a walk instead. 

  • Don't be so predictable.  Change your schedule. 

  • Walk the dog first, then take a shower. 

  • Go to the gym at lunch time instead of after work. 

  • Have your cereal without sugar. 

  • Go out to lunch instead of brown bagging it. 

  • Ride your bicycle to work instead of taking the car.


These motivation techniques as well as the small changes to your routine can make a difference in how you approach whatever you need to get done.  Remember, it's the reward at the end that is the most important.

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