Motivational Strategies and
Goal Setting Techniques

Are you looking for some motivational strategies in order to move forward with your dreams and passion?  You might be inspired with this great idea, but you need the motivation to act on it. 

You might want to lose weight, de-clutter your house, start an exercise program or go back to school. 

But you need the desire to get started.  Once you've started the process your actions kick into gear.

But how do you get yourself on that road to success? Well, it depends on how strong the desire is to reach your goal.

If you are only toying with an idea, it might not be enough of a desire to really motivate you.

If you do have that passion and want to move forward with it, then you will need to set your mind into thinking that you can do it.  You need motivational strategies that will revitalize your mind.

You need to clear your head of all the negative thoughts that are holding you back.  You might think watching TV at the end of the day will relax you. 

In actuality, it makes your brain think more.  It can affect your sleep as well and not always in a positive light.

Motivational Strategies

When you watch reality TV and talk shows, your mind is absorbing this useless information.  Sometimes you get to the point where you just don't want to miss a show. 

Or, you believe everything that is said.  That's when the show takes over.  Your work motivation and creativity disappears and it's hard to focus on building your dream.

Instead of being a slave to the TV, start reading books.  Inspirational books can help you get motivated such as biographies of successful people or self-help books. 

If you need to clear your mind of thinking, then a good novel will help.  It will draw you into another world where you can take a break from all the hard work you're doing.

Going out for walk or run will also help clear your mind.  You start to think about your surroundings and it gives you a boost of energy.

There are several motivational strategies and goal setting techniques you can follow to revitalize your mind:

Eat well-balanced, nutritious food every few hours.  You can get hungry between meals, so make sure you spread out your meals and/or snacks.  These mental food breaks actually feed your mind, so that you can think and process information better.

Stop and smell the roses.  Take the time to appreciate your surroundings.  Check out different places.  Stop along the seashore to watch the seagulls, go to a garden show, stop at a museum or listen to some street musicians. 

If these are things you never take time to do, then you need to find room for them in your schedule.  Setting motivational strategies and experiencing new things helps your brain process new information.

Build up your brain power.  Read books that are intriguing and inspire you to find out more.  Be captivated by thought provoking CD's.  Many of these books and CD's will stimulate your mind and help revitalize the energy needed to keep building your dream.

Try something new.  Every time you learn something new, your brain creates more connections and your ability to think improves. 

Learn how to knit, paint, play piano, ski or just about anything.  Whatever you choose, your brain power will increase and your mind will improve.

Take frequent breaks.  At least five minutes every hour.  If you're on a rigorous schedule with a lot of hard work, it will be worthwhile to take longer breaks. 

For the longer breaks you might want to get into some physical action and go for a run, water ski, snow ski and so on. 

Sometimes a short break is all you need.  You can sit by the fire, go for a walk, play some music or whatever you feel will relax you.

Think positive.  A positive attitude is everything and will revitalize your mind.  You will be able to focus on the tasks and get more done. 

When you have negative thoughts, they will drag you down.  You begin to focus on how you can't do things and you'll stop moving forward and never realize your dreams.

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