Personal Goal Setting Ideas

Personal goal setting can be used the same way as business goal setting.  You still need to understand what it is you want to achieve. Plus, you need to set the time aside and go for it.

Once you begin the task of achieving your goals, you will need to ask yourself some important questions. 

These questions include "how will this goal change my life when I achieve it?" "how will this goal affect those around me?" "how will this goal change how I think, feel and see things?"

Start off with the big picture of what you want to accomplish.  Then break the one major goal into several different major goals.  One for each part of your life.

This begins to narrow your goals down into more manageable sections.  Then you want to take each section and subdivide those into several different goals.  You can even divide these goals into smaller goals if you need to.

Once you have the goals broken down into the different areas of your life, you can use them as the steps to move forward with your dreams.  These are usually your everyday activities that you will need to change to reach your goals.

Personal Goal Setting

For instance, your main goal is to lose 40 pounds.  You can break that down into exercise, nutrition, clothing and family.  The exercise gets broken down into aerobics and strength training.  The nutrition gets broken down to food shopping and meal planning.  The clothing is broken down into buying new clothes or taking in old clothes.  For the family, you can break it down into them being on board with your weight loss program and planning healthy family activities.

You can add more categories depending on your needs.  By breaking each of these categories down, you have more goals.  But, with smaller goals, you will begin to achieve them, feel good about yourself and set up a good momentum.

Now, lets say you've reached many of your goals and everything is going smoothly. Your life is exciting and you're doing many activities you never would have in the past. 

Your new goals to set are ways to improve on the things that you are doing so that they will be more meaningful to you.

To get started, you can apply the same business goal setting ideas to your personal goal setting plans to improve your everyday life in many ways.

Personal Goal Setting Ideas:

Paying attention to the details.  Let's say you learned how to ski and have become faster over time.  You can go down most of the trails and feel that you're a good enough skier to ski in most conditions.  But, you came across some icy spots, lost control and fell.  How could you have avoided that? 

Personal goal setting will help you stay on track by paying attention to the details.  During your lessons, you can learn more about pole planting and carving your turns.  Take the extra time at the beginning to learn those details, so you can ski smoothly over the ice without falling.

Fix the Small Things.  An example of this is based on a treadmill.  You buy it and use it all the time.  As time goes on, you notice the speed moves up and down on its own.  Then it starts smelling like burned rubber.  So, you go out and buy lubricant for the belt, thinking that will solve the problem.  But, you're actually too late.  The motor burned out.  Fixing the small things when you first notice them, such as lubricating the treadmill, could have saved the motor   Instead of the small problem it has grown into a much bigger problem. 

Be Aware of the Competition.  You can apply this to the subject of weight loss.  You're basically competing against yourself.  How can you improve on your eating habits?  You can find ways to create healthier meals that taste good and fill you up.  If you crave sweets, then find a low calorie dessert that will satisfy your need for sugar. 

Find ways to add in the exercise needed to tone your body.  Perhaps it's doing squats while you're at your desk or dancing with a video game on the Wii.  If you're creative and change things around, you'll be more motivated to follow through with your weight loss plan.

Strive for Perfection.  If a business needs to put their best foot forward, then so do you.  Many people want to look their best and keep up with the fashion trends yet don't know how without spending a fortune. 

For example, one woman shops regularly at the local thrift shop and searches for closeout sales at her favorite stores.  She dresses well, and people think she's from an upper class background.  She wears quality clothes, takes time with her appearance and strives for perfection.  It works because people are offering her opportunities that wouldn't have come her way if she dressed like everyone else.

Personal goal setting ideas will help bring success to your company and personal life. When you strive for excellence in your life whether it's at work or at home, the end result will make things more meaningful for customers and family members.

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