The Powers of the Mind Can
Lead You To Success

Your powers of the mind can determine whether you're vision will become successful or not.  It's not just hard work.  It's a combination of positive thoughts, perseverence and hard work.

Think about all the people that have reached success.  Walt Disney, Andrew Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett and many more have achieved their dreams.  Each of these people had a vision of success. 

Your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your abilities plays an important role on your road to success. 

Positive thoughts will bring about more opportunities and negative thoughts will knock down what you have built up. 

Make sure your emotional health is at its best.  Don't let your negative thoughts get to you.  When your mind is at its best, you'll be able to adjust to any situation that are thrown your way.

Your good leadership skills will help you when you're overwhelmed with work and feel that everything has to get done yesterday. 

Powers of the Mind

When you have too much to do, you will begin to find doing things a chore.  You'll feel like all you do is eat, sleep, work.  There's no time for fun.  This is where you need to slow down and take care of yourself.

This is how I felt last Fall.  I was working hard, helping kids with homework and felt like there were too many obligations.  As a family, we took a break. 

As a family, we went away for a long weekend.  The weather was exceptionally beautiful and warm.  We enjoyed biking, whale watching, window shopping, the beach and more.  The rule was no cell phones and no computer.  It was a wonderful weekend.  Something I'd gladly do again.

Sometimes it's hard to just take time off for a get-a-way.  But, there are ways that you can take a break.  You can use the powers of the mind to emotionally remove yourself from stressful situations. 

Have the courage to change how you go about treating yourself and others.  Use your powers of the mind to create the life you want.

Steps To Change Your Thinking

The first choice is to try to get away.
  If you can't just take time off, then get away from the situation by going for a walk, taking a bath, reading a book, phoning a friend or working on a hobby.  Find something that you can immerse yourself in and feel like you're doing something special. 

Examples are having a picnic in your yard.  Pretend you're at the beach by setting up a chair, putting sea shells around you, playing ocean sounds on a CD.  Sometimes just a few hours away will revitalize you and you'll be able to tackle what comes next.

Have a positive outlook.  Make a special effort to look at things in an optimistic light.  Don't think about anything negative, because it will just bring your mood down.

Attitude is everything so be happy.  Look at everything from a happiness standpoint.  If something isn't going right, find the good thing about it. 

You'll have to use the powers of the mind to make this a conscious decision.  If you don't constantly remind yourself to find happiness in what you do, you'll go back to old habits and find things wrong.

Listen to music.  Fun, lively music will put you in an upbeat mood and it will be easier to work towards your dream.  Slow music will help you relax and enjoy some quiet time. 

Some people can't work to music with lyrics, which is understandable.  When it's background music without lyrics, it can work in your favor.

Socialize with positive people.  There are both positive and negative people in your life.  It's your choice on how much time you spend with each of them. 

The powers of the mind and optimism work together.  The more time you spend with the positive people, the more their happiness will rub off on you.  When you're with negative people, your powers of the mind will work against you and bring you down. 

So, do your best at separating yourself from them when you can.  Try to remove yourself from the negative relationship completely and spend time with those that matter.

Recognize that you are who you are.  Use the powers of the mind to accept the traits that you're born with.  Many of them can be changed, like hair color, and others cannot, such as how tall you are. 

There are ways of enhancing some traits, such as wearing high heels, toning your muscles, wearing make-up.

Stop complaining.  If there isn't anything good to say about something or someone don't say anything at all. 

When you complain about things, it brings your mood down and it will be hard to work on your dreams or find anything positive about it.  When you practice talking about the good things, it will eventually become a habit.

Don't take things for granted.  Be thankful for what you do have.  When you aren't thankful, you'll be unhappy.  Take some time each day to be thankful for two or three things that you are appreciative of.

Mellow out.  Don't make a big deal out of small things.  It will only wear you out emotionally.  Ask yourself "how important is this?"  Or, "is this a battle worth arguing over?"  In essence, choose your battles based on whether it will affect an outcome down the road. 

It's important to not take things too seriously.  If the outcome doesn't come out the way you wanted, you can always find another way to do it.

Practice positive self talk.  Remove the negative words, because pessimism and the powers of the mind will work together and will only bring you down. 

Instead of saying you hate doing something, start saying, "this isn't so bad."  You'll get through it a lot faster and with better results. 

For instance, many people dislike making sales calls because of the rejection rate.  Before you need to make the calls, psych yourself up saying you can do this, it's not so bad and perhaps you'll get an appointment or sale from the call.

Reward yourself by doing the fun things first.  This will set the tone and you will have a tendency to enjoy the work that has to be completed afterwards.

Enjoy yourself and have fun.  It's important to have fun in life.  Without it, you would be very mechanical and boring.  Fun activities invigorate you and opens you up to new learning experiences.  Live for today, take charge and enjoy your life.

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