Develop a Success Mindset

What is a success mindset?  Why are some people successful at what they do and others can't seem to get anywhere?  Is there some big secret as to becoming successful?

It all boils down to controlling your thoughts about your abilities and successes, rather than your thoughts controlling you. 

You can reach your goals, but you first have to overcome your thoughts that are holding you captive.

When you begin to doubt yourself or you're afraid to move forward, you become stagnant.  These negative thoughts can even make you move backward rather than forward.

Your thinking plays a big part of how successful you are.  If you only have negative thoughts, then you will bring the worst into your life. 

If you don't believe you can sell a product to a company, then you won't sell it to them.  If, on the other hand, you think about everything positive, you will begin to achieve your goals that you set out to do. 

Its a self fulfilling prophecy.  When you think the worst, then the worst happens.  When you think the best, then the best happens.

When you develop your success mindset, you will begin to believe in yourself.  You'll find alternative ways to reach your goal if the first one doesn't work.  Your confidence level will go way up and the fear of failure won't take hold of you.

Most Likely To Succeed

Success Mindset

Let me tell you about a story I heard.  A few years ago at a high school graduation, the top students were awarded certificates stating they were "most likely to succeed."  Their straight As got them into good colleges and they had a strong future mapped out.

Afterwards, many of the parents and students were mingling getting congratulations and talking about their futures.  The valedictorian planned on going on to become an engineer and follow their set path in life. 

There was this one student that probably ranked in the bottom third of the class.  He didn't receive any awards, only a diploma for making it through school.

One parent of someone else spent time talking with him about his plans.  After walking away, that parent said this young man should have been voted the "most likely to succeed." 

He had a plan.  But it wasn't to go on to college.  He planned on building a business, starting that summer.  He had already written a business plan and was working on getting a loan to get started.

This young man's vision of his future was so strong that he only had room in his head for a success mindset.  Others never gave his ideas any thought because his business plans were for a septic service. 

It didn't matter whether he was opening up a software company or a septic company.  It was his attitude that would be bringing him the success that he wanted.

The Process

You need to spend time looking at the process of how you will be achieving your goals, not the outcome.  If you spend time on "how much money you will make" or "how good you look" then you will miss everything needed to get you there. 

When you work on how you can learn from your experiences and how you can apply them to your situation, then you can achieve success.

This process needs to involve many different steps.  You need to have a passion for what you want to achieve, your drive to achieve it and the ongoing learning process. 

When you start up at a new place of business or decide something new as a parent, you still have a learning curve.  You don't just show up and know everything.  Always spending the time to learn more to develop your potential is key.

As you're learning more, you need to get out of your comfort zone.  You need to take risks and try something you've never done before.  It might be hard at first, but after a few tries it will become very easy for you to do. 

When you make these small achievements, then do something for yourself.  It might be going out to dinner or it might be taking a few minutes to play a game with your kids.

These small achievements need to be praised, but not for the outcome.  You need the praise for the process on how you reached your goal. 

If you only focus on the outcome, then you might feel that you have such high standards and that you can't keep up this level of work.  That's when the fear steps in and you start having self-doubts.

What happens when you didn't achieve your goal, yet you worked hard on it?  You think back to the process.  What did you do right and what did you do wrong? 

As you think through the steps, you can come up with different methods that might work better.  And, if those don't work, then you think of other methods.  Every time you fail, you learn something.  Its the journey that builds your success mindset not the outcome.

Success Mindset for Business

In a small business, having a success mindset is when you are all working towards a common goal.

A success mindset in a business is when you are all working together towards a common goal.  Most successful small businesses have employees that contribute to the overall achievement of the company.  How do you go about getting your company to be one of the top businesses in the industry?

You can start by developing a goal setting program for your employees and giving them responsibility to do their job.  You hired them to work in your business, so now you need to let them do what they were hired for. 

Begin by treating them as if they are an important part of your business.  If you treat your employees like their opinion matters, then they will most likely respond by being proud of their work and finding ways to to do the job better.

Encourage Employees

Your employees want to help make your company successful, therefore, making themselves successful.  If the employee doesn't have the right tools to do the job, then give them the right tools. 

Let's say you hired an accountant to take over the financials of your company because you're too busy doing other things.  You hand them the books and they see it's based on an old software program. 

This employee can continue doing your books this way and the company will move along just fine.  But, in order to move ahead in your business, you need to provide them the tools to help you move forward. 

If a new accounting software program is needed, then get a new software program.  On the same thread, If your employee needs training in the new program, then give them the training. 

For the success mindset to work, it's also important to give your employees words of encouragement.  You want them to be focused, knowing what they need to get done. 

If your employees aren't focused, then their concentration and efforts will be for naught.  Soon, you'll realize that employees that lack focus can drag the company down. 

So, how do you go about encouraging employees and keeping them focused?  Rather than giving them negative criticism about how they are doing something, praise them when they on the process their using, especially when they did something right. 

Changing your tone of voice or choice of words also encourages employees to stay focused.  Instead of telling them to "do it this way.." perhaps you could suggest "it might work better if you try this.." or "what do you think would make it work better?"


Employees love to get recognized for a job well done.  Being compensated is a big deal to them.  Set up a system where the employee can make suggestions for improvement.  If you use their idea, they should receive some sort of compensation. 

This type of success mindset will go a long way for your business.  Even a small reward will provide incentive.  Some suggestions are recognizing them in front of their peers, giving them tickets to dinner or a ball game, taking a paid day off, sending them flowers or giving them a bonus.  

If you give your employees the opportunity to be heard, they will like their job better and will want to help build up the company so that it is profitable.  Its important to develop a goal setting process for employees to help contribute towards the overall company goals. 

Likewise, setting up a system where employees can be heard and you take action on what's feasible helps bring everyone to work towards a common goal. 

Teamwork in the workplace helps the employees feel proud to be a part of their job and the company.  This leads to encouraging each other and pushing themselves towards a success mindset.  When employees work as a group, it increases team motivation and they are more likely to hold themselves accountable for the team's actions. 

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