Team Building Techniques

Before you start using team building techniques you need to find out what issues your team might be having. 

You need to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are both individually and as a group. 

Do your team members communicate clearly?  Are certain people only interested in making themselves successful? 

Do they know each other and work together well or are there conflicts?  Are they willing to change to help the team out?

After you learn about what issues need to be addressed, you can then work on solutions to these problems. 

When you use the right team building techniques, you can inspire and motivate your team to new successes. 

In order for any of this to work, you need to work on it all the time.  Not just a few times a year.  You will need to make a plan for each department or area that needs improvement. 

Team Building Techniques

You can participate in different team building exercises where everyone is a part of it.  Then bring what you learned into the work area.  Don't just think that you had a fun time and leave it at the door. 

It takes a lot of hard work and your company or department will flourish because of it. Using team building techniques will work whether you're part of a sports team, corporate team or even a fund raising team. 

Once you make a plan and set goals together, you can become a successful team.  Remember you can get more done when you work together rather than working alone. 

Below are some team building ideas to help you get started.

Listen to what people are saying.

Because you want to be an effective leader, you will need to spend time with your people.  Listen to them and see things from their perspective.  See how they communicate with each other, learn what they do, find out how they feel about their work.

By getting to know your workers, it will help you connect with your team members.  A bond will form between you and your workers.  They'll go the extra mile because they now have positive feelings towards you and will work hard to reach a common goal that everyone wants.

If you don't listen to your team players and only do things the way you want to, then they could become negative towards you and each other.  This will eventually lead to the group not functioning and the team just falls apart.

Have a vision with meaning and purpose for everyone.

Everyone wants to make a difference in the world.  You all want your life to have meaning. As a leader, you need to ask all of your team member's opinions or desires whether its their own or if it will affect the group as a whole. 

When you listen, you find out what brings everyone together.  You need to talk with them in a language they will understand.  If you talk above their head, they might resist you. If you talk to them as if their hands need to be held, they will lose respect for you.  You need to become one of them.

When you talk about your vision for the company or the group as a whole, make sure your team knows what it is.  When you use good team building techniques, you can show how your team will benefit from this vision and how their desires are met.

Show your team members how to take action.

As a true leader, you will help make others strong and capable. You need to make them feel like they can do more beyond their capabilities.  Make your team feel confident about themselves.  When you hand them a pile of work, sit down and explain it and even help them get it done. 

You need to convince your team that they have great potential.  When you focus on the benefits your team players will see when they work together, it will help build up their courage and confidence.  When their confidence level is up, they work better and the whole team reaps the rewards.

Bring out the answers in others.

When you're a good leader, you will know that you don't have all the right answers.  This is when you need to ask your team members questions. 

Ask them for help on an issue.  When you do, they may even come up with solutions you never thought of.  When you ask questions, it shows that you believe in your team members' abilities.

They'll feel accountable for their actions and will strive to make things work.  When you include everyone in the decision makeing process, they will know their suggestions matter or that they have good ideas.

Remember, leaders can't do it alone.  Everyone is in this together.  When you use these team building techniques to build good relationships with the people, you will foster confidence and all of the team members will strive harder.

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