Technology And Human Communication

Technology and human communication can be a major factor in your success as a leader in a corporation, small business, family or on a team.   Some of the ways you communicate with people are effective and some aren't.

With the advance of technology, how you communicate with others keeps changing.  In the past, you would speak face-to-face. 

This was a clear method of communication.  People could read your body language, note your intonations and interpret what you were saying and pretty much get the intended message.

But to communicate with people further away, you had to write letters.  This could be a long process. 

First you had to take the time to compose the letter and then mail it.  It could take days, weeks and even months to get to the recipient. (Think back to the Pony Express.)

But then, the telephone was invented.  Your communication barriers got much smaller.  Now, you could talk to people, hear their thoughts and have a conversation. 

This was a great advance to building businesses and keeping in touch with loved ones. 

Technology And Human Communication

Technology and Human Communication

Along came technology and human communication.  In today's world, our communication activities and methods advanced rather quickly.  About thirty years ago, it seemed only the businesses had computers.

Not too long after that the personal computer was born.  This brought a whole new way of communication into the home. People began emailing everyone.  This method of communication still had a personal touch to it because it was like writing a letter.

When cell phones entered the picture, this changed the way people communicated with each other to become almost impersonal.  Instead of talking to people, you text them.

If you think about it, we communicate so differently than we did just five years ago.  Instead of flying out to headquarters for a meeting, the people gather and do a video conference.  Even though this does save money and time, it takes the personal element out of it.

In addition, Skype has become one of the popular types of communication.  You can talk to friends and family members for free and see them at the same time.  It's not just for chatting, you can also use it as a teaching tool such as giving music lessons to people in another state.

These days, texting has become a major method of communication.  Everyone seems to text.  Kids are the pros at it.  Instead of making a call, you can send a quick text to say you'll be late. 

There are some pros and cons to texting.  It's a quick and easy method to contact someone.  It also can help out if you're in an uncomfortable situation.  Rather than asking to use the phone to say you're ready to leave, you can text someone to come and get you. That way the other person has no idea you are the one that wanted to leave. 

But it can also be disruptive. Especially in a classroom.  Kids will pretend they're doing work, but they're texting each other instead of learning. And, of course, texting while driving is simply dangerous.

Social Networking And Communication

Facebook and instant messaging has become an obsession for many people.  People set up an account and chat with their friends.  But, sometimes these people spend way too many hours on Facebook. 

They post the most mundane things, that people are starting to block them because of it.  For instance, someone will post things like "I just ate, doing homework, gonna' take a shower, driving to work, eating lunch, going to bed..."  It does get boring. 

You can find the same thing with Twitter, LindedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and all the other types of social media that are popping up. 

You can find some interesting information, quotes, photos and more on these sites.  These can be inspirational, but sometimes you can treat it like a game and try to get as many followers as you can.

With all of this technology and human communication, people are not interacting with each other as much.  Our kids are growing up in a world where they are glued to their phones or ipods.  They socialize with everyone that way. 

These kids are not learning how to handle themselves in person anymore.  In fact, some young adults are interviewing for jobs with their parents there because they haven't learned how to use social skills with other people.  Our world is becoming very impersonal. 

How can you get around it?  There are many opportunities to change how you interact with humans.  Sharing your methods of how you dealt with this issue, can help others in the same position.

This page was created so that you can share your thoughts on how technology and human communication has affected both your business and personal life. 

Have you found one method of communication to be more effective than another?  What is your experience using the different communication methods? 

Share with others how technology and human communication has changed your business or personal life.  What tips and techniques can you provide to help others develop their different types of communication skills?

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