Time Management Article
For Effective Goal Setting

This time management article can help you become more effective at learning time management.  Each day has only 24 hours in which to do everything. 

Sometimes you wish you could have more hours in the day, but you don't.  Using time management tools and resources can help you schedule your time more effectively.

The following is an example of a typical person's life without using time management tools. 

You are now ready to sit down and write a business plan for your new company so that you can get a loan. 

You have all your paperwork ready, the Internet is open and ready for you to use and you're just waiting for your coffee to finish brewing. 

While you're waiting, you start looking through the mail and find some information that you've been looking for about building a new house. 

Next thing you know, it's a couple of hours later, the kids are home from school and you never started writing your business plan. 

As you attempt to write again, your son falls off his bike and needs help and your daughter needs help with her homework.  All of the above interruptions are important but they seem to take priority over when other things could be more important.

Many of the things need to be taken care of, like the son falling off his bike, but the other interruptions can be a result of not setting goals and poor planning. 

As the interruptions keep happening day after day, you begin to feel frustrated and think you'll never get the important things done.  This frustration crosses over into other parts of your life as well.

Learning Time Management

To find out if you need help learning time management skills, you can make a journal of all the activities and feelings you have towards them for one week. 

As this time management article suggests, you use this as a starting basis for finding out the best time to schedule your important activities.

Once you figure out your best working time, then schedule the most important tasks during that time.  Eliminate the things that are not important and put the other important items that can wait in a place where you won't be distracted from them. 

When you do have a slow period, use that time effectively by multi-tasking and getting the other important tasks done.Use this time management article as a means to help you gather information to help with effective goal setting, motivation techniques, and creating a to-do list to get it all done. 

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